Story of my life

Travel makes you realise so much in life.

I, for instance, realised that being thin is equal to being invisible.

No, really. Here’s a sample of what I get to hear every day.
“You and my 3 year old son, both of you will fit in there. Easily. Don’t you worry.”
“Oh! But you’re so thin, why don’t you shift aside a bit more?” 
“Can we swap places? You don’t need much space anyway.”
Excuse me? I pay for my ticket in full. I am entitled to what everyone else who has paid for the ticket is. I can adjust if I’m required to. But that’s about it.

Thank God though, people atleast remember to acknowledge the fact that I exist.


The NaPoWriMo challenge 2017

The NaPoWriMo challenge. This year is the first time I did it and I loved the experience.

The 30 days sped by, in a jiffy.

I have written all about my experience and featured my favourite posts too. Do have a look and share some love, please? πŸ’•

Read it here πŸ‘‰ My NaPoWriMo challenge

I’d love to know what you think. πŸ’–


Dear Zindagi πŸ’

​So Dear Zindagi has been watched and these are my thoughts.

Thank you so very much, Gauri Shinde, for such an incredible journey through this fantastic masterpiece of yours. Only you could have made Dear Zindagi. Each and every frame of the movie is so amazing, so relatable and so warm. I could relate to Alia Bhatt’s role – it’s her best until date. She’s essayed it to perfection with simplicity, ease and a disarming charm. 

And Shah Rukh Khan – I love you. You’re my favourite. Thank you for playing Jug. You rule our hearts. I fell for you all over again, like the million others on the planet. There’s no one who has your charisma. You’re too awesome to be true.Yet you are.πŸ’–

I’m no film critic. I’m just happy that I chose to watch this movie. Thank you for Dear Zindagi, it’s an experience unforgettable. 

The Journey

See the world, but with your own eyes,

Cherish old ones, but create new ties,

Be the first to break the ice,

That’s the way to all things nice…

Now, there’s good, and there’s bad,

Yet, do what you think is right,

’cause, where there are thoughts, there are perspectives,

A difference of opinions, A multitude of reactions,

Stay stubborn, listen to your heart,

Follow your instincts, save yourself the regret,

Let the journey be yours, your very own masterpiece,

So, Experiment, Experience, Exhilarate!

Euphoria all the way!

I’m terribly sick as I am writing this, yet the euphoria I experienced today is energy enough to put my feelings into words. Your life at college forms one of the most important parts of your being, and you don’t need reasons to understand why. And, after 2 long years, today, I got to relive yet another day as a student of the same old college I had done my B.E. in.

Okay, time for me to brag a bit.

At college, I was through and through the topper of my department. From the first semester till the last. I ended up securing a Gold Medal – Anna University 3rd Rank. But being the topper didn’t quench my thirst. I wanted to be versatile, an all-rounder. Plus I had this passion for compering. So I began to be the department MoC (Master of Ceremonies). Then grew to be the college MoC, in my second year. Come third year, I had begun compering for the other departments in my college. I started to contribute to my college magazines, became the student editor of my department newsletter. Did a stint as a singer and the student cultural coordinator. Was part of the organizing team of both the TEDx events that were held during my course of study in the college as well. A few bits more, maybe. All the while, while I made a lot of mistakes, stumbled and got hurt, I bounced back for more, for perfection. I wanted to be the best, anyway, any day. That was the driving force that kept me going, that kept me wanting to keep achieving. There was some magic in the air, maybe that helped me progress, all the while. There was so much of warmth, regard, and love that there was absolutely no space for any negative vibe at all. Plus I got in return is loads of happy memories for a lifetime.

This year around, I got to add 2 more memories to the collection.

On July 8, 2016, I was invited by my department to be an Alumni Speaker at the ISOI Student Chapter Alumni Interaction meet. An experience I will cherish with pride.

And today, August 19, 2016,  I was presented the “Exemplary Attendance Award” for my outstanding accomplishment of 100% Attendance from the I semester to the VIII semester  – not one single day off/leave of absence taken during my entire 4 year course of my B.E. degree. And I am super proud I was able to accomplish this feat.

So here I am, sharing the 1 super amazing souvenir of my super-happy memory, so I can preserve it forever and ever.

Yayayyyyyyy! Euphoria!





The Heights You Wish To Scale…

Make each step count, each try matter,

Let your courage never shatter,

To reach the heights you aim to,

Rise from your every fall – to experiences fresh and new!

P.S. This is part of my Pen The Picture project. Hope you like reading what I write

For The Love Of Superstar

I wasn’t much of a movie person at all, when I was in school. I was allowed to watch movies very rarely, and the only source I got to watch them, was on the TV – on the DD national. So most of the movies I watched as a kid were only Hindi movies, and they would star either of these 3 actors – Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna or Shah Rukh Khan. (Because they are my dad’s favourites). This practice continued even during my college days, but the number of channels that I was allowed to watch had increased. So I had an extensive variety of movies to watch, all again Hindi. 

All the while though, I wasn’t living in a bubble. Because, in the few Tamil channels that were available at my place, everytime a Superstar Rajinikanth’s movie was telecast, every member of the family would finish the task at hand at an amazing speed, and would sit down to watch the movie. No switching of channels during the movie was allowed. No disturbance of any kind was entertained until the movie was over. 

When my friends(from outside Tamil Nadu) at work came to know I hadn’t watched many of his movies yet, they were amazed. And I was amazed too, by the amount of their fervour, their love for the Superstar. 

But one thing was clear to me, all through. Our Superstar has always the one supremely common thread who kept us connected. Everytime, then and now, his movie is released, it is celebration time for all of us. There would be excitement about the music, the plot, the ticket – booking, but what tops it all is the opportunity for us to see our Thalaivaa on screen again. Such is his charisma. His expressions become our emotions. His signature style, our ultimate swag. His movie, an experience for a lifetime. His fans become family. He is that undisputed uniting factor of the country. He is our Thalaivaa, our Superstar. Our only Rajini. 

P.S. Check today’s The Hindu, Cinema Plus, Page 2 πŸ˜‹πŸ’ž