The Symbiosis…

What you believe in,

Is what would make you win,

Your faith, your hope, your trust, your desire,

They fuel your raging fire,

Lead you to where you belong,

Protect you from everything wrong,

The beautiful symbiosis between your soul and the universe, is,

To indeed give you your happiness and bliss!


For the good we do,

For the bad too,

For our happiness and joy,

For our every ploy,

For every success, every failure,

For every time we become obsolete, obscure,

Acceptance is what we yearn,

Attention is what we strive to earn!


I don’t need a label,

My story ain’t a fable,

My emotions need no name,

They ain’t something to tame,

I don’t think when I express,

Because, I don’t express to impress!



Your insecurities, your fears,

Your secrets, your lies,

Your failings, your flaws,

Your misgivings, your loss,


Your goodness, your truth,

Your happiness, your faith,

Your trust, your hope,

Your love, your ability to cope…

Each day, be the best version of you,

Make your every dream come true!

Musical March – Day 19 💝

Happy Sunday everybody!

For Day 19, here I have 2 soulful Alka Yagnik songs.

1. Tumhi Dekho Na from Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

2. Tu Muskura from Yuvvraaj

Love 💝

Best of luck!

When your intentions are right,

When your goal is in sight,

When you sweat it out day and night,

Success, will be yours, without an invite,

To make your future, all happy and bright!

Luck though, good, hard or bad,

Ain’t enough to make you rich, poor, happy or sad,

But a streak of it to aid what you do,

Would help multiply your joys, true!


Let your every effort be true,

For each opportunity old and new,

Break them, the barriers, many or few,

Set new frontiers that define you,

Sweat it out, make every second count,

But, don’t, on you, let the pressure mount,

Celebrate your little joys, make every success massive,

Life ain’t meant to be lived passive.