They stand tall, of them all 💖

Whoever coined the word housewife for the most extraordinary (multitasking) perfectionist in the world, really needs to get his vocabulary straight. 

Because, being one ain’t easy – one day she’s not at home, the whole house is in chaos, plus the volume of work to be done, blinding. 
From waking up first in the morning each day, to managing literally everything for each member of the family, to maintaining​ things in proper order in the house, she does it all single-handedly. 

She makes time for everybody, ensures she’s got everything covered for everyone – without reminders and alarms and Google Keep. 

She finds time to pursue her passion, she meets people she loves, she becomes the connect that binds everything together.

She doesn’t make a hue and cry about what she does, she instead, makes everything look so simple and easy and in perfect order.
We don’t recognize or appreciate what she does, she doesn’t ask for hikes, holidays or incentives either; but the day she’s not around, there is mayhem everywhere and we realize what it is, to be her.
Love 💖


The War.

She always fought her battles, a fighter,

She won over her demons like no other,

She was a warrior, a crusader, 

Who never bowed down to failure,

Succumb, yet, she did, to cancer,

But knew not, until she lived, fear!

Satiating Saturdays – Be Your Sunshine ✨

“Keep your face towards the sunshine and you will not see the shadows.”

We come across plenty of situations from time to time in our lives that tend to throw us off track. That tend to depress us. That tend to slow us down and make us think. That tend to break our hearts. That tend to make us feel defeated. That tend to force us to break down and cry. Plenty. Every day.

But, life, is meant to be a rollercoaster ride, ain’t it? I mean, there are highs. There are lows. There is stability. There are moments of peace. Moments of joy. Moments of contemplation. Moments of exhilaration. Moments of sorrow. Moments of satisfaction. And nothing ever stays the same. Everything keeps changing, in some form, at some time. 

So, why bow down for sympathy when grief hits us? Why let grief engulf our very being, our very existence? Every single soul goes through grief. Each has his own share of sorrow. Nobody is spared. But how we choose to deal with it makes us what we are, shapes us to who we want to become. The endless grumbling, complaining and lamenting ain’t going to take us anywhere. Being grumpy wouldn’t help us find a solution. The meaningless accusing and whining wouldn’t help us reach where we want to. But that is what most of us end up doing, everytime we find ourselves in an unpleasant situation.

Instead, let’s follow this. 

Discuss. Debate. Decide. The 3 magic words that’ll help us reach a better solution than all the mumbling would. Discuss and debate, not digress. Learn how people figure their way out. Broaden our options. And deal with our distress in dignity, because, seeking sympathy doesn’t always help.

Let’s try and be the go-getter. Let’s be the energy. Let’s be the positivity that’ll help us cruise through the worst, successfully. Let’s muster the courage from our success to deal with our failures. Let’s learn to take things in our stride and march ahead.

Let’s be the sunshine we look forward to, in somebody else. 


Satiating Saturdays – Be the change you want to see ✨

Be the someone who has the courage to do something that matters. Even if it’s a simple conversation. Bring the change, make a difference!

There have been a billion times when we’ve all wanted to go out there and stop something from happening.When we’ve wanted to put our foot down, but didn’t have the courage to.When we’ve expected someone to do it on our behalf, more importantly. When we’ve all been content playing the benefiter than the benefactor. When we didn’t have it in us to be the crusader for the change. When we’ve waited for someone to take the initiative and lead us.

The million dollar question is, why always wait, in the first place? 

Why wait for someone to begin the journey towards change when you can be the one to initiate it? 

Why be a follower when you can be the leader? 

Why just remain a witness when you can actually bring about the revolution?

Change, in any form, is a process that begins at a very domestic level. It then grows to a size so humongous that it becomes a phenomenon for people to look up to. To bring in that difference is the best return you could get for every parlay that you’d make. Ever.

Change, begins within you, with you. Begin with believing in the change you want to bring about. Shed that cloak of fear, of hesitation, of uncertainty and take the first step forward. You are the best project you’d ever work on. You are the best you can ever get. So, go ahead, be the someone you are waiting for, to do a world of good for you. Be the someone you can depend on. Be the someone you can trust to set things right.

Be the someone who makes a difference.

Be, the change you want to see.

Satiating Saturdays – Challenge Yourself ✨

The one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but have backed out all the time because you didn’t have the courage to take the plunge.
The number of times you have wanted to go out there and prove yourself to the world, but ducked out in the last moment.

And every single time you’ve let fear come in your way.

Go back in time and think. Think about how you’ve let your fear outdo your strengths.

Fear is such an overrated emotion. Don’t give it the attention you think it deserves. It is exactly because of that we end up losing on so many opportunities we could have used to make our way up the ladder. To prove a point (in the easiest way possible). To flap our wings and fly high.

Fear isn’t worth losing your identity, your sanity over. 

So be the someone who decided to just go for it. Be the someone you’ll want to idolise. Be the someone you’d look up to for help, when you are helpless. Be the someone who you think would be your inspiration. 

Challenge yourself each moment. Do exactly what you’re scared of. Live the fear. Get rid of it. Show it that it ain’t a big deal at all. Because, life isn’t about mulling over spilt milk. It is about living in the moment. And relishing each moment without holding yourself back.

Go for it, now✨

Stay You!

I didn’t really have a photo to post for this challenge, yet I wanted to share the tumultuous feelings running around in my brains, so here I am, translating my thoughts into words.

If I had got this prompt a few days ago, I’d have ranted and grumbled and groaned and bored you to death about how difficult it is to endure. Until that day, when suddenly, sense seeped into a few of my brain cells and I realised a simple truth. 

Which is this.

I realised what I wanted from life. I realised what made me really happy. I realised that I wanted to be looked up to by people, like I look up to many. I realised I wanted to inspire people, and more importantly inspire myself to keep going on. I realised that I didn’t really have to prove anything to anyone. I realised I didn’t want to do anything to impress anybody at all. 

I figured it is important to listen to my heart. Because then, I would know what I really want. And irrespective of what the world thinks of me when I decide to follow my heart, I should have the courage to still choose to do what it says.

I figured that if something doesn’t matter to me, there is no reason why I have to be resilient to it, or silently endure it. I wouldn’t have to give a damn about anything that curbs me from being who I want to be. 

I’m a mad hatter and I’m okay about being one. I’m weird but I don’t think I’m wrong. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in the past, but I wouldn’t let them affect my future. And for that, I’d have to begin to love myself for who I am. I’d have to learn to love myself with my faults. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have 1,374895,485905 followers on Facebook, twitter or Instagram. It doesn’t matter if you look like tart. It doesn’t matter if people who don’t believe in you, judge you. All that matters is your belief in yourself, your strength to face it all and stand up tall, and your resilience to anything that comes in your way. Because at the end of the day it’s going to be just you in the field, battling for what you want. So, just go out and do whatever it is that’d make you truly happy.

Stay strong, stay beautiful, stay you.

Live Your Dream!

To all those amazing souls out there who have a dream and wish to live it, who struggle with life each day and yet, will to pursue their passion – This is for you. Keep alive your fire, your determination to succeed. Cheers!

Days when you lose track,

Nights when you cry yourself to sleep as you hit the sack,

Moments  when you fear, 

And hide from the world, that single tear,

Every time that you are drowned in self doubt,

And your life looks like a huge clout,

Breathe. Take a step back. Relax,

You don’t break, You ain’t made of glass,

You don’t know what you have in store,

So hang in there a bit more,

Pursue your passion, push yourself to where you want to be,

Live your dreams, life will show you what you want to see!