A word for you…

I sometimes wonder how difficult it is, to articulate a word that would speak for you,
A word, that would delicately elucidate, the emotions you’re going through,
A word, that can contain every last breath of your discomfort, your pain,
A word, that would breathe life into your exhilaration, your excitement, your inexplicable disdain,
A word that wouldn’t simply be strung together by syllables catalytic,
But would sing to the world the song of your soul, in a rhythm innately cathartic.



I live in a parallel world where…

I live in a parallel world where, you and I are friends,
Not acquaintances feigning each other’s existence,
Where, between you and me, there’s an inexplicable warmth, a connect, a camaraderie,
Not biting aloofness or conversations perfunctory,
Where you aren’t a mirage I fantasise about, but can’t see,
Where you are an insurmountable part of my reality,
Where, I don’t have to scout for excuses to see your face,
Where, we fit easily into each other’s space,
I live in a parallel world where you and I are friends,
Where, with you, there is absolutely no pretence.

I wanna redeem myself in your eyes…

I know I’m that little speck of dust you don’t want to pay attention to,
I’m someone who has ceased to matter to you, for I see you brush thoughts of me off your shoulder, in incoherent rue,

I am now a stranger to you, blithering amidst a score of people you don’t know, in town,
Whose presence doesn’t anymore, make a difference too profound,
Who is but an incoherent mass of flesh and bones, who carries with her memories of the past with emotions and hue,

Yet, I want to redeem myself in your eyes, oh yes, even if my existence doesn’t mean anything to you,

Because, you haunt me in my dreams, dreams that I don’t have to close my eyes to see,
You inspire me to break barriers and boundaries and my lingering complacency,

You induce me to fill my skies with vibrant shades of sunshine and happiness and rainbows and silvery dew,
You give me reasons to stay alive, you give me something to fight for and prove, you give me hope and mornings, to look forward to,

You make me to want to turn heads, you push me to go after what my heart seeks to pursue,

I want to redeem myself in your eyes, just so you begin to think of me like I do, of you.

If I were to write a prayer for myself…

If I were to write a prayer for myself, I’d ask for colours. I’d ask to shatter the monotony I often grow restless of,

I’d ask for an identity I wouldn’t ever want to morph,

I’d ask for hope in my soul, in my veins and arteries,

I’d ask for guts. Guts that push me to challenge all barriers and boundaries,

I’d ask for strength to hold myself together when I fall apart. I’d ask for sunshine from the stars,
For light in the dark, for beauty in my scars,

I’d ask for happiness in my own skin,
I’d ask for freedom, from chagrin.


How do you stop thinking of somebody?

I wonder how you stop thinking about somebody – do you push them into a corner of your brain and pretend they don’t exist anymore?

Do you keep reminding yourself every now and then, of the times the shift in your dynamics that turned a little too sore?

Do you wrap memories of them in a sheath you would have wanted to clad yourself in, and send them flying into the clouds?

Do you let go, assuring your tiny little heart that all of it was, but a mirage you stepped into, when you were inexplicably doused?

Do you paint them as rainbows in the dreams they taught you to see?

Or do you tie wings to the thoughts that haunt you incessantly of their absence, and set them free – how do you simply stop thinking about somebody?


The fear of missing out has now become a phobia
that engulfs the air out of your every breath, turning your nightmares into a mind-numbing paranoia,

It comes masquerading as ambition, as the drive that pushes you to seize each moment,
But leaves you gasping for breath in suffocation – with zero penchant for contentment,

And while it stays, it doesn’t let you relish where you are,
But persistently shows you a tease of what more you can be, of how much more you need to give, to be on par,

It tells you how much more you can contain, into your every living second,
And mirrors reflections of thoughts and opinions that remind you of the opportunities that you let go, of the failures that came unreckoned,

It pushes you into the future before you know it, yet pauses, albeit nonchalantly, in between,
Every time you choose to cherish what you hold; not chase, the unseen.

On Prayers

I sometimes wonder how people pray –

Do they kneel down in peace, in silence,
In silent rebellion, or with an intriguing penchant for perseverance?

Do they scream when in pain, in agony, in a never-ending search of answers for questions inexplicable,
Or do they sit down and discuss every tiny squabble?

Do they sing His glory when in jubilation?
And just curse to wreck, when in trepidation?

Do they fidget in anticipation?
Oh, do they make tiny little bargains for some soul satisfying exhilaration?

Do they find Him in the solace they seek, in the shoulder they cry on,
In the invisible strength they place their trust on?

I sometimes wonder how people pray –
I wonder if, it is an ever evolving equation,
Or if it’s simply, an extremely organic, personal conversation.