Hideouts aplenty, but I have a favourite few,

To help you find each, I’d give you a clue,

In the realms of my imagination,

In the endless journey towards my dream destination,

Between the strings of my favourite piece of music,

Between houses made of stone and brick,

In the pages of my favourite book…

Oh! If I’m lost, now you know where to look!

Carve your niche!

Alone and at ease?

Your identity, no one can seize,

So, do what you please!

Stay beautiful, inside!

Good, bad, ugly or posh,

Exquisite or tosh,

Where you belong in,

Depends on who you are, within


Beyond all the glitter,

Beyond the smiles,

Beyond the cheery titter,

Beyond the pictures, nice,

Look. Feel. Understand,

Don’t go by what’s in hand,

Beneath all the glamour, gloss, pink and blue,

Lies the actual picture, real and true!

Be your own!

Don’t be a toy,

Don’t be anyone’s ploy,

Be your own,

Cause you’d only reap what you’ve shown!