Conversations that matter.


“Erm…No, but I’m nervous. What if things turn haggard?”

“Chill. It’ll be a smooth sail.”

“I might fall. I might fail. 

I wanna have a ball, but I know I am too frail”.

“You are meant to reach the stars. 

Begin to look, beyond your scars.”

“You haven’t given up on me yet?”

“Never have. Never will. You’ll always have my back. For you, are my best bet.”

​The Transformation. 💝

“That’s a nice house. But isn’t it a bit too small?
Would it be able to fit in you all?”

“No, but this would, literally, bring us together,

Get us to see a lot more of each other, 

Teach us to adjust and accommodate,

Make us spend a lot more time every day than just on an ear-marked date,

Above everything else, I hope the smaller space, between us, helps reduce the distance,

And turn this house into a home in every real sense!”

Cheers ✨

She 💝

Because it’s my mom’s birthday today…❤

On some days she is the rain,

On some days, she becomes your sunshine,

On some days, she is a myriad of emotions,

On some days she is bereft, of expression​s,

On some days she is a handful, claiming your attention,

On some days she remains silent, anxious with apprehension,

On some days she charms you, with her lilting laughter,

On some days she captivates you, with the fierceness of a warrior…
She becomes everything there is and beyond –  you wouldn’t want to assess her capacity,

For, she decides, she defines, what she chooses to be!

The Epilogue

She thought her dream of pursuing music for a career,

Was now a closed chapter,

For, she was forced to stay within walls four,

And manage the household chores,

Little did she know,

She’d be wooed to revive her passion and how,

The man who ordered her to quit, her “better half” out of the blue,

Now, leaves no stone unturned, to get her back to continue,

Money sure, has the Midas touch,

For it manages to make a gentleman out of an egoistic grouch!

Keep Going!

What’s with the “Maybe it’s not meant for me”,

“I’ll have to just let it be”, philosophy?

The brickbats, the failures, the taunts, you face,

Don’t let them put you off your chase,

Defy gravity if you must, but continue to fight for what you want,

There’s nothing that’s​ impossible, there’s nothing that you can’t,

Keep alive the spark, extinguish not, the fire,

Go ahead, dare, to live the life you desire!

My Weekend Plans.

Weekend’s around the corner,

Ideas to make it exciting, as I’m trying to garner,

I look up to see, my bookmark suddenly trip,

And the pages of the book I’ve left midway, furiously flip.

Before further ado, I jump into the scene,

For, I know it’s time, for me to intervene.

“Alright there! You have my undivided attention now.”

“Oh yeah. I wonder how!”

“Out with it. What’s up with you?”

“Aren’t my signs enough? Do you want me to spell it out too?”

“What’s with the tripping of the bookmark and flipping of your pages, you?”

“Oh, please, hark at you.”

“How did I wrong you, pray, tell me?”

“It’s been days three, since you set me free,

You didn’t care, to unravel the mystery

You bothered not, to finish my story”

“I agree, the mistake is mine.

We were getting on just fine…..”

“Why then, without warning, did you go offline,

Leaving me incomplete, and all by myself, to whine?”

“I realise the atrocity of what I’ve done, oh I truly do,

My priority now, rest assured, would be to cosy up again, with you!”


Hoping, for a better tomorrow 💝

For our farmers

They choose a pursuit so noble,

They set out to feed the millions from the fodder of their mother land,

Only to be looked down on, and belittled.

They never have it easy, they always have to fight all odds,

They are forced to starve, while they give us food to eat,

Most of their lives, they spend, fighting against famine.

They have no one, nothing, to turn to,

Tired of their existence, they bleed themselves to death,

For, the million promises of a better future seem bleak, empty, non – existent.

They wander,

From pole to post each day,

Looking for a ray of hope, for a streak of sunshine…

For every morsel they have given us to eat,

For every single time they have had to unduly face the heat,

I truly wish all this, is just a diminished fragment of my imagination,

Not the country’s gospel truth,

Not the farmers’ blinding reality.