This one’s for you ❤

This one’s for you – for each of you who –
Stand by me when life is all awry and askew,

This one’s for holding me together when I’m lost and crumbling,
For those silent nudges, and the pats on the back that keep me going,

For putting up with my incessant bawling, for seeing through my farce,
For lending me an ear, for owning me – with my flaws,

For spiffing my insecurities out before they seep through my veins and buckle me down,
For not letting me fall apart during moments of inexplicable self doubt – this one’s for simply bothering to stay around.

For times good, bad and rotten,
For words, occasions and memories that’d be cherished and forgotten –

Happy Valentine’s to you,
You make every day worth looking forward to.



I was in Odyssey, Chennai this morning, snuggled happily between the pages of a book – when a little kid, probably 10 or 11 years old zoomed past me squealing “Where do I find Harry Potter?”.
I looked up at him and found myself instinctively, leading him to the book. I found myself unabashedly watching the awe on his face as he delved into it’s story sitting next to me. I found myself happily relishing the delight of his smile as he discovered that realm of reality I’ve forever been in love with. And, in those few magical moments I found myself going back in time, reliving the joy I experienced when I first got my hands on this magnificent, magnificent treasure that’s grown to become an inseparable part of my world.

Some joys certainly, are unparalleled. Ain’t they?

Check this out! ❤

This is a first for me.
So, a few days back, my poem on the importance of Identity was selected by Rekha Publication house for their winter collection of poems and stories.
And, they have now published it as a book! 🙂

Do check it out here if you get the time.


Rekha Scribbles Winter Collection 17

My Universe.

I don’t want to be the invisible remnant in the depths of your distorted cavity,
I don’t want to be the froth that skims around and about, only to be wiped off without a trace,
I want to be the sun – lighting up every moment of your bespoke existence,
I want to be a star, inseparable, irreplaceable – the inextinguishable spark of your galaxy,
I want to be, your very universe.

Can you fall in love?

Can you fall in love?
With someone who exists only in your imagination,
With someone who is just a figment of another’s creation,
With someone who breathes, but only between the pages of an immaculately fabricated fiction,
With someone who relates to your every emotion,
With someone you can be yourself with, without inhibition,
With someone who is just as eccentric as you,
With someone who you always look up to,
With someone you can co-exist with, without the fear of possibly being judged,
With someone you can have conversations with, but only inside your head,
With someone you’d never be able to meet, alive or dead.
Can you?

Keep Them Coming…

Your questions,
Keep them coming.
The insanely absurd and the ridiculously stupid ones?
Specially those.
Don’t lay them to rest inside the closet of your brain,
Even if the entire universe asks you to.
Don’t let them get lost amidst the opinions you think they might fetch,
Weird, mad, silly – don’t worry about how you think you might sound asking them,
You really can’t help that.
The curiosity behind your “what”, “why”, “who” “how” “where” and when” –
You can’t curb that either.
Your questions,
Keep them coming.
Keep them coming until they satiate your insanity,
Keep them coming until you find what you set out to seek.

To you, Federer

I want to write about you, but words fail me.
Because there’d be nothing new in anything that I’d inscribe about you that the world already hasn’t.
You know what’s poetry to me?
Watching you play.
The grace, the agility, the power, the strength you bring to the game is ethereal poetry, in motion.
You know the kind of joy that envelops the heart?
The kind that makes one brim with happiness?
I feel that everytime I see you win.

You’ve taught me to believe. To stay undaunted. To keep going.
You’ve proved pitfalls don’t deter a persevering heart.

Roger, you’re a legend. An epiphany.
There’s no one in the entire galaxy that can be you.
You come back stronger everytime the world thinks it’s time you bid farewell.
Immortals like you can never be written off.
Because you write history. The kind that’ll be preserved for inspiration and pride.

Stay unstoppable, Federer.

With all the love in my heart,

Annapurani Vaidyanathan