The Race

In pursuit of what we desire,

In the chase to quench that undying fire,

We aspire, conspire, face consequences dire,

Willy-nilly, we remain until we tire, until what we want we acquire.


Make them yours, your dreams!

Amidst the shambles, in search of thee,

I go in pursuit of making you my reality,

Hidden, until desperately sought after, you clearly choose to be,

But, hey, my eyes, open wide or shut tight, you are what they clearly see!

To Dreams!✨

It’s never too late,

Don’t push something to be destined by fate,

Instead, work your way toward what you want,

There’s​ nothing in the universe, that achieve, you can’t,

For, what you’re seeking, is lying in wait, seeking you,

And all it takes, to reach there, is, efforts true,

Be your own paragon

Become your own icon,

Create for you, a niche that you’d be proud to own,

An identity, a name, that no one can dethrone,

Begin to climb the ladder to a life you think would awesome,

Live to see your dreams blossom!

Dream Away πŸ’

Dream of a cloudless sky with abundance of sunlight,

Dream of starry moments in the twilight,

Dream of how you would want to live,

Dream of what you would want to give,

Dream where reality wouldn’t take you,

Dream of what you would want to undo,

Dream while asleep, dream when awake,

Dream of something you wouldn’t wanna fake,

Dream with hope, dream without fear,

Because, dreams just don’t have boundaries far or near,

Dreams ain’t just your imagination at play,

Dreams are just your brain’s way of saving your day!

Satiating Saturdays – What’s stopping you?πŸ˜‡

Live each moment like it’s your last. There is no time for regret. Never has been, never will be. Live now πŸ’

I always make lists. Wish list, bucket list, To-Do list, resolution list, etcetera, etcetera. So yesterday, I was preparing a list, to just be aware, to help me figure out what I wanted from life and where I wanted to be. I then slowly started analysing why I wasn’t where I wished to be. While I was doing that, I was actually aghast of the compromises I had made. I was aghast of my excuses, my reasons. I was irritated with myself, for not fighting for what I wanted and for simply accepting just whatever came my way. I was angry with myself for being lazy and for not trying enough.

I found I was coming up with excuses every single time I had to fight for what I wanted. 

I found I was ready to compromise with what I got, each time, when I could have actually gone out there and won what I wanted.

And that is exactly what the problem is. 

With so many of us. 

I top the list. 

We just don’t do so many of those things we have always wanted to, either because we have given up on ourselves even before we set out to try, or because we are mighty scared of the hindrances that might come in our way, or because we are too lazy to try and have a set of excuses ready to console our conscience when it pricks later, with regret.  

We are pathetic, aren’t we?

This is one life we have got. And we don’t know how much of it is left. We don’t even know what might happen the next second. So what’s the point in playing it safe all the time? What’s life with excitement? What’s life without the adventure, the euphoria and the exhilaration of having achieved what we dreamt to?

So, it is time we shelved our cloaks of hesitation and step out there, to do what the heart says. It is time we figure out what’s stopping us and why, from being what we want to. It is time we begin to realise our dreams, even the smallest of them. It is time we begin to live life to the fullest. It is time we stop regretting. It is time we stop making compromises. It is time, we stop waiting for the right moment, but try and make each moment, right.

Let’s live each moment when we can. There’s no point regretting when it’s long gone, there’s no way we can bring it back.

It is time, to seize each moment and take the plunge. Happily.

Going against the grain…

You cannot cut my wings and expect me to fly, can you?

disagree with a lot of stuff most of the time. But what I find extremely annoying and clichΓ©d and often end up disagreeing with, is the mindset of people.

Having been born and brought up in a orthodox Indian society, it is part of the curriculum for the girls only to learn the household chores. I live in a typical male chauvinistic society that believes only the women are born to do the cooking, washing, sewing, basically all the basic menial household chores and that the men are too important to do servile jobs like these. I agree with the fact that the physical builds of the men and the women are different. But that apart, I believe that men and women are completely equal by birth, worth and right. Not even a tiny bit superior or inferior. Each has equal rights and freedom to choose and to live his/her life in his/her own terms. No one’s the boss. And no job is superior or inferior for anyone. 

The chauvinistic thoughts, ideas and opinions are exactly what I cringe about. Because I want to fly, and fly high to wherever I want to, without barriers and restrictions. I would like to pave my own path and live my life on my own terms. 

So it is high time this cliche is broken and it is high time there is light. It is high time mindsets change. 

To New Beginnings βœ¨

Although I’d love to make this post poetic with verses and quotes about new hope and sunshine, I’d rather list down my resolutions for the year, so I’d be able to keep track if I’m lost. 

So, my resolutions for the year would be these, listed in no particular order. 

  1. To say “No”, and to say it with conviction. 
  2. To stay silent when there’s nothing to contribute and not blabber nonsense.
  3. To learn proper cooking using the convection. And baking.
  4. To not explain myself to everyone every single time. 
  5. To continue to do what makes me happy even if it makes me look weird.
  6. To figure out where I really want to reach. In life. To figure out what I want from life. To figure out what I’ve to do to reach where I want to. Might sound philosophical, but there’s just too much chaos and confusion in my brain.
  7. To learn to organise. Things and spaces and life.
  8. To learn to speak Gujarati and Punjabi. It’s been on the bucket list for too long and I’ve been too lazy. Time to get to work.
  9. To bring back the child in me that wouldn’t think too much about anything, but would just follow what her heart says. Back then I apparently didn’t have the authority to decide, but now that I believe I do, I have to stop worrying and start living.

    That’s about it for now. Watch this space as I add more.

    Here’s to a very happy and productive 2017 πŸ’•

    P.S. The last resolution was triggered by a conversation with a supremely versatile, extremely talented, Wikipedia profile school friend (Read Bhargav Narsimhan and google him too. He’s famous, but wouldn’t accept it. Peaks of modesty, I tell youπŸ˜‘).