No mystery, this.

She comes to the world just as new,

But, is treated like a taboo,

She battles all odds that are planted her way, out of the blue,

Yet, she is expected to keep mum and not argue,

She wins it all, proves she is no less, time and again,

Yet, her demand for equality is a mystery the world wants to unravel, with humongous pain and disdain!

Women’s day – Time to bring in Gender Equality!

Women’s day. Le sigh! 

I always wonder what significance this one day has in the male dominated society we live in, given its patriarchal ideals and views. Because, the “change” we expect to materialize in the society, even for a day, would only be possible if we,

Treat kids of both the genders the same way. Educate and empower them both equally. Teach them both how to cook, wash, sweep and sew. Make them both strong and independent and capable. Help them understand that no job is too menial or too high for anybody, be it a man or a woman. Remove patriarchy at its very roots. Instill in them that both of them are equal by birth and neither, in any form, is superior to the other.Give them both, the freedom, the wisdom and the choice to choose, so they grow up to be each other’s support and strength and, above all, they learn to respect each other. 

This mindset, if and when, comes to existence, would make a LOT more difference than a namesake day dedicated year after year, titled for identification, “Women’s Day”.  Gender Equality would be one eternal wish of mine and the million others out there.

But, until then, if it’ll mean anything, here’s wishing all the wonderful women out there, who are cruising their way ahead despite the odds and making a difference in their own special way, a very happy Women’s Day. More power to you!


Day 10 – 30 Day Writing Challenge πŸ’ƒ

Something I feel strongly about.

Independence. My independence. Independence as a woman, as an adult. More often than not, I’m having to seek or ask for it – when it is supposed to be mine all through.

Right from birth, the girl’s parents decide for her- what she has to eat, what she has to wear, where she has to study and what not. I am sure they have the best interest at heart for her, and the girl is probably too young to decide. But as she grows up, the society joins her parents to help them decide what’s best for her. Her stream of education, choice of job, taste of attire. A few years further down the lane, an entire clan comes together to decide who she should marry, and at what age. 

Unless the girl takes the reins in her hands and decides for herself, she isn’t given a chance to choose. She isn’t ‘allowed’ to be different, bold and pragmatic. Though there are huge advancements in various spheres of the world, certain aspects still tend to remain the same. And that is exactly what I’d like to change about the society.

I want people, specifically women, to be able to enjoy the independence they so rightfully own. Take decisions for themselves and not be stereotyped. Choose what they wish to, and decide what’s good for them, without people questioning her abilities.

P.S. This is Day 10 of my 30 day writing challenge