Put your foot down when you have to.

I quite often see a lot of men on the road, (behind the wheel and otherwise) putting down women who drive.
I see them assume every idiot blithering on the road, to be a woman.
I see them trash women for driving slow, for honking a little too loud, despite the fact that it is the men, who are most often than not, reckless (and take pride in bragging about their stunts on the road).

But what puts me off, actually, is the patronising attitude towards women and how everyone finds it okay to look down upon them like they’re lesser mortals.
Maybe, the society’s been tuned to think women are weaklings. Or dimwits who can’t grasp things quick.

Because, think of the times we’ve seen people asking the boys to stop crying “like girls”, and man up. For, crying apparently, is for the weak. Which women, are presumed to be.

Think of the times your mom would have insisted on wanting to know what you were up to and you’d have told her off saying she wouldn’t understand anyway.
Can you, for once, imagine doing that to your father?

And weirdly enough, the head of the family is, almost always, a man. For what joy? I still haven’t been able to figure that out.

Plus what astonishes me more is that, in most families, it’s just the father’s name that is added to the child’s. Not the mother’s. Though she, is pretty much the spine of her child’s existence.

I know all of this isn’t new. I know all of this has been in practice for ages now, and beyond,
I know my two cents wouldn’t change the course of the wind that’s been flurrying, succinct and strong,

Yet. Here’s to bringing about the change we want and, here’s to calling out what’s wrong.



On Women’s Day…

Would it be too much to ask for a space,
A sublime, happy place,
Where her heart would know no fear,
Where she gets to make her choices – about her attire, life or career,
Where she doesn’t have to think twice to step out and shine,
Where she isn’t bound by curfews to be back home before nine,
Where she isn’t defined by the colour of her skin, or who she’s married to,
Where she isn’t just an inadvertent object of desire or rue,
Where she is treated an equal, where she gets her rightful due?

Because this world we live in, it belongs to her too.

A Happy Women’s Day to you!

Are we asking for too much?

I have been meaning to write this for the longest time now but found the time and the temperament today, so here goes.
We ain’t ambitious to ask for Gender Equality and Women empowerment in the society we live in. In a society where the women are catcalled no matter what their attire is. In a society where the boy and his family find it difficult to accept a girl who is more educated. In a society where it pricks the husband’s ego if his wife earns more than him. In a society where the husband decides how and on whom his wife must spend her income. In a society where the woman isn’t entitled to an opinion; In a society which isn’t accepting enough for her to put forth her thoughts, her differences, her arguments, and her NO – because guess what, if she does she is either scarred for life or stabbed to death. 
We live in a society where the girl’s parents bear the expenses for a marriage both the families partake, give dowry (yes, the practice sadly still exists), sell their heart and soul to satisfy the guy’s family with the hope that their daughter is happy there. We live in a society we don’t bat an eyelid before blaming the woman, and this has been the practice since eons (Draupadi is even today touted to be the cause of the war).
In all probability, we can bring in change in such a society, if and only if we broaden our mindsets to – 

Treat kids of both the genders the same way. Educate and empower them both equally. Teach them both how to cook, wash, sweep and sew. 

Make them both strong and independent and capable. Help them understand that no job is too menial or too high for anybody, be it a man or a woman. Remove patriarchy at its very roots. Instill in them that both of them are equal by birth and neither, in any form, is superior to the other. Give them both, the freedom, the wisdom and the choice to choose, so they grow up to be each other’s support and strength and, above all, learn to respect each other. Stop giving the men in your family the sense of superiority, the space for authority and begin to be inclusive.
Because at the end of the day, man and woman, they are meant to go hand in hand, as equals. 

The impending need for Gender Equality.

I was scrolling through a few of the #MeToo posts on my timeline, when,

I thought I’d bring a few questions clawing my mind, to the society’s attention –
Why do you throw the girl child to the ants, why are you so pained by her presence,

When would you understand that SHE, is the reason for your very existence?
Why does her attire become the reason for your prejudice,

When her very being is always subjected to insurmountable injustice?
Why does it irk your ego if she wants move higher up the ladder, why do you expect her to compromise?

Why should she always be the one to sacrifice?

Wouldn’t her hard-work, her commitment, her passion for her work, just suffice?
Why do you advocate to her something, what you wouldn’t for yourself, find appropriate?

Why, despite being born an equal, do you expect her to be servile, to be the subordinate?
Why, when both are to blame, is she alone forced to mend her ways, is asked for a character certificate?

Why, what she brings with her, always seems to the world, a tad too inadequate? 
Why is there still, such deep rooted misogyny and patriarchy, why is there no space for gender equality?
Why don’t we understand it’s #HeForShe, and that’s exactly how the world is designed to be?!


Be it at 9 in the night or 6 in the morning, she is required to quicken her pace,

She lives with worry lines that crease her forehead, with fear that clouts her face,

She isn’t allowed night outs, parties for her are a big no-no,
She is expected to sacrifice, to forgo, to let go of her ego,

She doesn’t get to stay alone, she doesn’t get to make her own choices,
Her silence, most often than not, gets overpowered, by raised voices,

She is judged for what she chooses to wear,
She’s judged for her joy, for her passion, for her pride, for her despair,

She is judged for who she chooses to be ,
She’s judged for everything she says or does- whether she’s six, or sixty,

Everytime she steps out, she steps out with an extra layer of caution,

For, there’s no place on this earth that she can call her home, her safe haven,

But hey! She is born an equal, she ain’t here to shoulder his blame, she ain’t here for him to maim,
This world she lives in, is hers too, to belong in, is hers too, to claim,

She should breathe in peace, not in panic, not in pain,

Together, it’s time we make this place safe for her, again!

Open Mic – An attempt ❤

This is a first for me, reciting my poetry and getting to watch it on YouTube. So here goes. I’m pathetic in it, like always, but do watch it if you get the time, and tell me what you think of it.


Outside The Window…

She made a dash for the door, as soon as she could,

She wanted to escape the world she was in, for good,

For, she wanted to carve her own niche, write her own story,

Before he engulfed her identity within his, made her existence, history,

Yet, all she lived to see,

Was a blatant charade of his testimony.