The Symbiosis…

What you believe in,

Is what would make you win,

Your faith, your hope, your trust, your desire,

They fuel your raging fire,

Lead you to where you belong,

Protect you from everything wrong,

The beautiful symbiosis between your soul and the universe, is,

To indeed give you your happiness and bliss!

Satiating Saturdays – Be Your Sunshine βœ¨

“Keep your face towards the sunshine and you will not see the shadows.”

We come across plenty of situations from time to time in our lives that tend to throw us off track. That tend to depress us. That tend to slow us down and make us think. That tend to break our hearts. That tend to make us feel defeated. That tend to force us to break down and cry. Plenty. Every day.

But, life, is meant to be a rollercoaster ride, ain’t it? I mean, there are highs. There are lows. There is stability. There are moments of peace. Moments of joy. Moments of contemplation. Moments of exhilaration. Moments of sorrow. Moments of satisfaction. And nothing ever stays the same. Everything keeps changing, in some form, at some time. 

So, why bow down for sympathy when grief hits us? Why let grief engulf our very being, our very existence? Every single soul goes through grief. Each has his own share of sorrow. Nobody is spared. But how we choose to deal with it makes us what we are, shapes us to who we want to become. The endless grumbling, complaining and lamenting ain’t going to take us anywhere. Being grumpy wouldn’t help us find a solution. The meaningless accusing and whining wouldn’t help us reach where we want to. But that is what most of us end up doing, everytime we find ourselves in an unpleasant situation.

Instead, let’s follow this. 

Discuss. Debate. Decide. The 3 magic words that’ll help us reach a better solution than all the mumbling would. Discuss and debate, not digress. Learn how people figure their way out. Broaden our options. And deal with our distress in dignity, because, seeking sympathy doesn’t always help.

Let’s try and be the go-getter. Let’s be the energy. Let’s be the positivity that’ll help us cruise through the worst, successfully. Let’s muster the courage from our success to deal with our failures. Let’s learn to take things in our stride and march ahead.

Let’s be the sunshine we look forward to, in somebody else. 



For the good we do,

For the bad too,

For our happiness and joy,

For our every ploy,

For every success, every failure,

For every time we become obsolete, obscure,

Acceptance is what we yearn,

Attention is what we strive to earn!

One Liner Wednesday…

Be the best version of you, always. The world deserves nothing short of that :’)


Tough blows and miseries,

Will be gone like a breeze,

So, celebrate life, please!

Satiating Saturdays – The Art Of Being Selectively Receptive βœ¨

Throwback to the time when we were told off at school for day dreaming during class hours. Throwback to the time when we were ticked off for getting distracted. A big throwback to the time when we were punished for not being attentive. 

Time to put these unrecognised skills to good use. Time to put the day dreaming skills to make your day more productive.


Lemme tell you how. 

Be selectively receptive. Choose what you want to listen to. And zone out when you’re not interested. Zone out to where your brain takes you. Zone out to whatever attracts your attention. Zone out to what you’ve been thinking about, or would want to think about. Just zone out. But try avoiding the dreamy/serious look on your face when you are zoning out. It’s a little hard but can be mastered with practice.

This way, you’d still be in the group, physically (as much as you’d love to not be) but mentally, you’d be in your own space, in your own choice of place. And, subconsciously you’d still be part of the conversation, that if you suddenly happen to hear a word that attracts your attention, or your name thrown somewhere in the conversation, you can always say “Hey, what was that? Come again?” Or something like that. Cool, right? 

Of course, you can’t be selectively receptive when you’re at work meetings or something important, but otherwise, this is one solid technique that always works for me, and helps me manage situations I don’t want to be part of. It helps me stay away from negativity, unwanted gossip, controversies and conversations I wouldn’t like to be part of, extremely easily. 

Choose what you’d like to respond to. Choose what you’d like to be part of. Choose what you’d like to be receptive to. 

Choose, so you can have your cake and eat it too! 



Best of luck!

When your intentions are right,

When your goal is in sight,

When you sweat it out day and night,

Success, will be yours, without an invite,

To make your future, all happy and bright!

Luck though, good, hard or bad,

Ain’t enough to make you rich, poor, happy or sad,

But a streak of it to aid what you do,

Would help multiply your joys, true!