Celebrate your journey 💖

Never compare your journey with anyone else’s in the world, no matter how similar the circumstances might look – Only you know what you go through to reach where you want to.
The demons that you have to fight are always exclusively yours. So are the accolades that you get to flaunt. And it wouldn’t do justice to undermine either of them.
Because what looks worthless to you, might actually be a very big deal to so many out there! 


Satiating Saturdays – You Define Your Destiny ✨

The number of times we’ve been distraught and disappointed. With ourselves. With our expectations. The number of times we’ve let our failures bring us down.The number of times we’ve been lost, not knowing where to head or what to do, or who to turn up to. The number of times we’ve accepted whatever came our way because we didn’t think we’d get anything better. The number of times we’ve settled for the ordinary because we didn’t think we deserve something extraordinary. The number of times we’ve needed someone to show us the way. The number of times we’ve expected people to choose for us, or help us choose what we want.

So. Many. Times. I’ve lost count of mine.

And the excuses we’ve come up with to console our disheartened selves, everytime. 

Le sigh. Haven’t we all been there a bit too much?

I know we all lose track, slip and get misled. But it is important to bounce back as soon as possible, ain’t it? 

It is important we begin to weigh down the options we have, to reach where we want to, practically. Because, oh, come on, not all plans we chart out, work the way we want them to. There will be misery, there will be shortcomings. But that shouldn’t pull us down. If nothing else, the failures we face, should give us the encouragement to shift focus and look at the various other possibilities we have, to move ahead. Failure ain’t any pattern we need to get accustomed to.

So here’s a little secret I’m sharing, to help you keep going. And trust me, it works.

  • Everytime you make a plan A, have backup plans B, C, D, E… As many as you can think of, as many as you can afford to have, ready. Because, not everytime plan A will be a success. 
  • Though I’m all for positive thinking, I believe in having nil expectations. Do whatever is required and keep going. Don’t mull over what you’ve already traversed and hamper the progress of the rest of your journey.
  • Give your best, always. Spare yourself the regret.
  • Focus on the destination. The goals enroute, sure, are equally important but don’t let a miss here and there put you off track. 

      Only you are, and can be in charge of your life.You shape your dreams, give them wings to fly. You hold the key to your happiness. You are in control of who you want to be, and where you want to reach. 

      You define your destiny. 


      Satiating Saturdays – What’s stopping you?😇

      Live each moment like it’s your last. There is no time for regret. Never has been, never will be. Live now 💝

      I always make lists. Wish list, bucket list, To-Do list, resolution list, etcetera, etcetera. So yesterday, I was preparing a list, to just be aware, to help me figure out what I wanted from life and where I wanted to be. I then slowly started analysing why I wasn’t where I wished to be. While I was doing that, I was actually aghast of the compromises I had made. I was aghast of my excuses, my reasons. I was irritated with myself, for not fighting for what I wanted and for simply accepting just whatever came my way. I was angry with myself for being lazy and for not trying enough.

      I found I was coming up with excuses every single time I had to fight for what I wanted. 

      I found I was ready to compromise with what I got, each time, when I could have actually gone out there and won what I wanted.

      And that is exactly what the problem is. 

      With so many of us. 

      I top the list. 

      We just don’t do so many of those things we have always wanted to, either because we have given up on ourselves even before we set out to try, or because we are mighty scared of the hindrances that might come in our way, or because we are too lazy to try and have a set of excuses ready to console our conscience when it pricks later, with regret.  

      We are pathetic, aren’t we?

      This is one life we have got. And we don’t know how much of it is left. We don’t even know what might happen the next second. So what’s the point in playing it safe all the time? What’s life with excitement? What’s life without the adventure, the euphoria and the exhilaration of having achieved what we dreamt to?

      So, it is time we shelved our cloaks of hesitation and step out there, to do what the heart says. It is time we figure out what’s stopping us and why, from being what we want to. It is time we begin to realise our dreams, even the smallest of them. It is time we begin to live life to the fullest. It is time we stop regretting. It is time we stop making compromises. It is time, we stop waiting for the right moment, but try and make each moment, right.

      Let’s live each moment when we can. There’s no point regretting when it’s long gone, there’s no way we can bring it back.

      It is time, to seize each moment and take the plunge. Happily.

      Satiating Saturdays – Finding your happiness ✨

      The one thing that has always kept me going is celebrating the small joys of life. 

      When I say small, I literally mean small. 

      Every small thing that gives me joy, I make it a point to celebrate it, get excited about it and make it something I could look forward to.

      Like, admiring the beautiful sunrise each day morning from my terrace, or eating my favourite salad each day, or reading my favourite book to sleep, or, having a good hair day or listening to my favourite song on loop when I’m traveling to work, or publishing my blogpost and looking forward to the response to it, or watching my favourite show on telly, or finding bliss in my alone time and solitude or just having a sound, proper, undisturbed sleep.

      I actually look forward to each of them, and feel blessed that I am able to.

      I know they are small, simple things of everyday life, but, there might be so many out there to whom all of these might still be a beautiful dream, to whom all of these might be that big happiness waiting to be realised. Having said that, I also believe happiness is always relative. What gives immense happiness to me, might not, to somebody else. It doesn’t really make sense to compare your source of joy to someone else’s. There’s absolutely no point doing that.

      So here’s the shortcut to happiness. Instead of overlooking the smaller wonders of daily life, and waiting for that big, penultimate “happiness”, we could as well learn to relish, cherish and rejoice those beautiful, significant moments too, and celebrate each of them, while treading along in the journey of life.

      Satiating Saturdays – Why it is completely okay to be alone and not be part of the crowd.

      Being alone is NEVER overrated. Being alone gives you the kind of space, freedom and peace you have always longed for, and you just couldn’t find anywhere else.

      All my life, I have been trying to mingle with people, match my tastes, my thoughts, my opinions, my ideas, my preferences, with the crowd that I am supposed to belong to; I have always tried to find my happiness by choosing what the crowd chooses, I have always desperately tried, to match my ways with theirs, but have only failed miserably.

      And I am happy I failed.

      Because, if I had succeeded I would have been very much part of every crowd, I would have made lots of new friends, I would have been…everywhere except where I really wanted to be.

      If I had succeeded, I would not have been me. I would have been somebody else in the cloak of my physical appearance.

      If I had succeeded, I would not have been happy. I would have been regretting each time I succumbed to the opinions of the crowd, I would have been regretting each time I hadn’t taken a stand for myself and stood out of the crowd.

      It might not be the easiest thing to do, but it is completely okay to stay alone and not belong in any crowd, if it means choosing what your heart wants, if it means following your instincts. You don’t have to necessarily change your preferences to belong somewhere you wouldn’t want to. You don’t have to compromise on your identity to belong in the crowd.

      Because, you, don’t have to fit in, anywhere.

      So, stay you, stay who you want to be, even if it means staying alone.

      And remember, being alone does not mean being lonely. You just choose to have a different company.

      Satiating Saturdays – Why do we always need someone to approve of us and everything we do?

      I begin today, my weekly blogpost – Satiating Saturdays, where each Saturday I’d be sharing my musings on relationships, productivity, life – bits and pieces, thoughts and tidbits that’ll help clear that concussed space in our heads.

      Throwback to the time when we were at school and wanted to be the teacher’s pet. Throwback to the time when every time we had a sibling rivalry we wanted to show down our brother/sister and get the “good-child” tag.  A big throwback to the time when we were kids.

      Now, back to the present, when we are all up on our feet trying to find our destinies, but, with the habit that seems to have grown on us, we seem to need someone to always impress, to approve of what we do, the way we do.

      That is exactly where the problem lies. We always seem to want the approval of people to authorize what we do, and their approval becomes the foundation of our destinies, of our journeys, of our lives. And, when sometimes we don’t get that someone’s approval, or when a particular someone doesn’t find us impressive, we begin to doubt our abilities, we begin to back track. We begin to feel inferior and under confident. We begin to develop a complex and become unsteady. We don’t find the feet, strength, and the courage to move forward. We begin to be stuck in our own cloud of uncertainties.

      Which is one of those million important times when we have to learn to listen to our heart. One of those million important times when we have to burst that bubble of insecurity we live in and put our best foot forward. One of those million important times when we have to shake away our fears and march forward. One of those million times when we have to learn to trust our instincts. One of those million important times, when we have to learn to believe in ourselves.

      It doesn’t matter if we are weird, crazy or silly.

      It doesn’t matter if we don’t follow the clichéd ways.

      It doesn’t matter if we are/choose to be different.

      It doesn’t matter if we aren’t approved by many.

      It really doesn’t.

      What matters is the choice we make, the path we choose, to reach where we want to.

      Because, at the end of the day, it’ll be just us, battling for what we want. And, we wouldn’t want any regrets then.


      The Journey

      See the world, but with your own eyes,

      Cherish old ones, but create new ties,

      Be the first to break the ice,

      That’s the way to all things nice…

      Now, there’s good, and there’s bad,

      Yet, do what you think is right,

      ’cause, where there are thoughts, there are perspectives,

      A difference of opinions, A multitude of reactions,

      Stay stubborn, listen to your heart,

      Follow your instincts, save yourself the regret,

      Let the journey be yours, your very own masterpiece,

      So, Experiment, Experience, Exhilarate!