Thank you, teachers.

Call it the aftereffects of watching Hichki today – I can’t help but wonder how extraordinarily selfless teachers are. I mean, for even an iota of effort I put in I’d want to reap the benefits for myself. I can’t even equate the kind of sincerity, the kind of efforts they put in to anyone else’s I know. And the joy they get when they see their students shine bright – that is something that can neither be measured, nor be put down into words.

To all my teachers in school and college –
Simply put, I’m blessed to have grown up under your guidance. I’m blessed to have been taught by you.

I think of all the times I’ve fallen. I think of all the times I’ve failed. I think of all the times I was broken and weak in spirit and strength. I think of all the times I’ve gone astray. And I know if it wasn’t for you, I’d have vanished into vacuum, into nothingness.You didn’t give up on me when the rest of the world did. You always believed in me and that made all the difference to me.
You pushed me to keep going. You gave me the courage, the strength to pursue.

Thank you.
I can’t imagine my world without any of you.


This one’s for you ❤

This one’s for you – for each of you who –
Stand by me when life is all awry and askew,

This one’s for holding me together when I’m lost and crumbling,
For those silent nudges, and the pats on the back that keep me going,

For putting up with my incessant bawling, for seeing through my farce,
For lending me an ear, for owning me – with my flaws,

For spiffing my insecurities out before they seep through my veins and buckle me down,
For not letting me fall apart during moments of inexplicable self doubt – this one’s for simply bothering to stay around.

For times good, bad and rotten,
For words, occasions and memories that’d be cherished and forgotten –

Happy Valentine’s to you,
You make every day worth looking forward to.

Happy Mother’s Day ❤

A day wouldn’t do justice,

Because even an eternity wouldn’t suffice,

But a day all the same, an opportunity,

To thank, to realise, to appreciate,

That embodiment of selfless love, care and concern,


Ma, you’ve borne​ the pain for me, with me,

You are my rock of support,

You’re my pillar of strength,

You’re my best friend,

You fend off my every fiend,

You are who I belong to,

You are the reason I’m here,

What will the world be without you?

Happy mother’s day, ma! 💖✨

You’re a brick 💖

Just a series of poems, I’d be writing to people who matter. My friends.

Hey Poo!

With you, anyone can form a great crew,

There’s nothing you cannot do,

You derive inspiration for anything out of the blue,

You are my friend old and new,

You helped me out when how I’ll manage, I didn’t have a clue,

You have a heart of gold, and you are true,

You’re a brick, you’ve always put up with this prick, phew,

Stay you,

But Pooja, continue being my friend too 🙂



Thank you!

This is basically a thank you blog to the kind soul who helped me today. I took a detour on the way to my office today (because I was late)with the hope I’d reach soon, but ended up boarding an extremely crowded bus. Whether it was the suffocation or my low blood pressure, I really don’t know, but I ended up getting out of the bus at one stop and sat down literally on the footpath. I was dizzy, concussed. I wasn’t hungry, I was on full stomach, (thankfully, I hadn’t skipped my breakfast today). I wasn’t dehydrated, I could feel that. But, I wasn’t able to focus clearly or make my way ahead. So, on the footpath I sat. And then, this young lady comes over, helps me up, gives me her bottle of water (I had my own, but was too dizzy to open my bag and get it out), gets me into an auto to work, and gives me a chocolate to pop into my mouth, so I feel better. I just muttered thanks, couldn’t get more through. 

I felt better once inside the auto.

I don’t know if I’d meet her again. I don’t know if I’d recognize her if I meet her again. So this, is my way of expressing my gratitude to her and this is also a note to self, that there is still goodness around. There is still hope and humanity around.

And, may God bless her!

Dear Zindagi 💝

​So Dear Zindagi has been watched and these are my thoughts.

Thank you so very much, Gauri Shinde, for such an incredible journey through this fantastic masterpiece of yours. Only you could have made Dear Zindagi. Each and every frame of the movie is so amazing, so relatable and so warm. I could relate to Alia Bhatt’s role – it’s her best until date. She’s essayed it to perfection with simplicity, ease and a disarming charm. 

And Shah Rukh Khan – I love you. You’re my favourite. Thank you for playing Jug. You rule our hearts. I fell for you all over again, like the million others on the planet. There’s no one who has your charisma. You’re too awesome to be true.Yet you are.💖

I’m no film critic. I’m just happy that I chose to watch this movie. Thank you for Dear Zindagi, it’s an experience unforgettable. 

Happy Teacher’s Day

To Late Pradeepa mam, one of my high school Physics teachers.
We lost her to Cancer a few days back, but I’m sure she will remain amidst us forever – in our thoughts and prayers, in our happiness and glory, in our ups and downs, in our each and every action, keeping us inspired every moment.

You strive to make me THE best,
You inspire me to become better each living moment,

In my glory and in my sadness, your words are what I look up to,

All the good I know and I do, is due to you.

You are my elixir, 

You taught me to make my every moment an epiphany,

You’re the reason I’ll shine.

Thank you, for being my courage and confidence,

Thank you, for being my friend, philosopher and guide,

Thank you, for helping me rise everytime I fall,

Thank you,  for your words of praise, encouragement and stern consternation – they help me grow,

Thank you,  for believing in me – your faith, and trust in me mean the world to me, and beyond.

Thank you, for making me believe in myself, for giving me the strength to face it all!

Thank you, for being my Teacher.

Happy Teacher’s Day!