Dream Away 💝

Dream of a cloudless sky with abundance of sunlight,

Dream of starry moments in the twilight,

Dream of how you would want to live,

Dream of what you would want to give,

Dream where reality wouldn’t take you,

Dream of what you would want to undo,

Dream while asleep, dream when awake,

Dream of something you wouldn’t wanna fake,

Dream with hope, dream without fear,

Because, dreams just don’t have boundaries far or near,

Dreams ain’t just your imagination at play,

Dreams are just your brain’s way of saving your day!


Be your best!

Each day’s a fresh start,

Play best, your every part,

Spring ahead, steadfast!

Make your day!

You are your king,

Your happiness, only you’d bring,

So, make each day happening!

One, Two, Three…

I’m no good at anything, but Poetry is my favourite thing to do whenever I feel like writing.

So here are 3 tercets. 

1. Life

Learn to follow your heart,

You’ll never fall apart,

That’s how you become smart!

2. Perfection

Give your best,

Never retire or rest,

That’s how you pass the test!

3. Passion

You are what you want to be,

Pursue your passion for thee,

That’s how you find your happiness, your glee!

P.S. This is my response to the discover challenge – one, two, three

Move Around….

Hop, skip, jump,

No good sitting forever like a lump,

Walk, ride, run

Mind you, only work and no play is never much fun!






P.S. This is part of my Pen The Picture project 🙂 Hope you like reading what I write 🙂

 My Mornings..

The alarm goes off at half past six,

In minutes few some breakfast I have to fix,

Maybe I should make do with bread and some coffee,

But without my glasses big, how do I see?

P.S. This is part of my Pen The Picture project 🙂 Hope you like reading what I write 🙂

My Few Quatrains

Two days ago, I was introduced to this absolutely wonderful concept called Quatrains, on Medium.
Quatrains are, to cut the long story short, four-line verses, much like a complete poem, similar to a Haiku.

I thought I’d share the links to them here 🙂

“Ding dong bell,” @annapurani93 https://medium.com/@annapurani93/ding-dong-bell-23fdc94264ea

“Hop, step, jump” @annapurani93 https://medium.com/@annapurani93/hop-step-jump-7adefcd8dd4f

“Believe” @annapurani93 https://medium.com/@annapurani93/believe-2b7197a4b1bc

“Passion” @annapurani93 https://medium.com/@annapurani93/passion-affe5da4a0c2

“Silences” @annapurani93 https://medium.com/@annapurani93/silences-9064aa97a5ff

P.S. I’m also doing the Haiku Challenge on the HaikuJam app – I will be writing at least one Haiku everyday as long as I live 🙂
The experience is liberating, supremely calming.