The Race

In pursuit of what we desire,

In the chase to quench that undying fire,

We aspire, conspire, face consequences dire,

Willy-nilly, we remain until we tire, until what we want we acquire.


It lingers forever…

Real fragrance is that which stays forever,

Not that which withers when beauty wilts over!

Outside The Window…

She made a dash for the door, as soon as she could,

She wanted to escape the world she was in, for good,

For, she wanted to carve her own niche, write her own story,

Before he engulfed her identity within his, made her existence, history,

Yet, all she lived to see,

Was a blatant charade of his testimony.

This time, stay❤

Why scamper when you can address the elephant in the room?

Why whimper, when you can forever get rid of the reason for the gloom?

Speak your heart out, let nothing trouble your mind,

Live each moment, unconfined!

The Journey 💖

Aren’t we all just passengers, figuring out our way,

With the superpower above governing our stay,

We plan all we want to,

But what eventually happens is what’s destined to,

So enjoy the ride while you can,

For as long as your life is meant to pan!

Discover Your Zenith!

Commit, to only what you want to, to only what you can,

Pursue what you must, stick to what you plan,

The pitfalls and the stopgaps, of which you fear,

Only come to show when your focus is unclear,

Set your destination right, 

The goals to reach there, kept always in sight,

Discover your zenith, 

For success, has never been a myth! 

Whatever it takes…

Let’s stick on to each other,

Like ink on a piece of paper,

Irrevocable, undetachable,

Let’s live in a fable, let’s live without a label 💖