No mystery, this.

She comes to the world just as new,

But, is treated like a taboo,

She battles all odds that are planted her way, out of the blue,

Yet, she is expected to keep mum and not argue,

She wins it all, proves she is no less, time and again,

Yet, her demand for equality is a mystery the world wants to unravel, with humongous pain and disdain!


Come, hold my hand and I’ll never let you down,

I’ll be by your side, always with a smile, and wouldn’t give you a reason to frown,

Believe in me, blindly, place your faith in me,

Because, trust me, I would never wish ill for thee,

Dark and long though, our journey might be,

Light at the end of it, you’ll definitely see,

So just go about my plan with patience,

And you’ll be, without a doubt, rewarded in abundance!

To each, his own!

Inspite of fortune tenaciously clinging on to you to give you reasons to smile wide,

If you’ll still believe everyone else, has a happier ride,

Tough rules, tougher situations, if you’ll still think, only you are made to face, and abide,

If you’ll still presume only you, are asked to swim against the tide;

You’ll forget to appreciate, yet continue to deride,

You will be always left wanting for more and unsatisfied,

Because, grass, always looks greener on the other side…

A map to your memory lane…

Scars always have a story to share,

Of your pain, of your guts, of your love for someone you care,

They are souvenirs with who, you have a long standing affair,

They are your courage, for they help you believe you can bear a scare, a nightmare,

They become a map to your memory lane,

They remind you of your experiments, of your experiences with pain,

They are the memoirs that speak for you, 

They are proof of your valour​, that no one can undo,

For, though the wounds, over time, heal,

The scars remain, fresh and unconcealed!


Why be part of every rat race,

When, you can focus just on what you want to ace, 

Why be someone that others expect to see,

When you can be what gives happiness to thee,

Why be a stranger in the crowd, a visitor, an outlier,

When you actually can create your own space, belong in your own empire?

For How Long…?

“For how long would you live in denial?

For how long would you run, from what is real?

For how long would you rather believe in your make – believe world, that’s a tad too unclear?”

“If the truth you believe in, would shatter me than be my shield,

And give me wounds that even time would find difficult to heal,

In denial I’d choose to live, for as long as I breathe,

In denial I’d choose to live, for as long as I breathe.


I look up to thee!

If you find in you,

The patience to rise, everytime you stumble,

The grit to pursue, everytime you fumble,

The strength to admit to your flaws,

The courage to learn from the mistakes of your past,

The guts to speak your mind without the fear of being judged for your opinion,

The power to overlook your emotions everytime you take a decision;

Then, to you, I look up, for inspiration,

For you, are the true champion!