To Dreams!✨

It’s never too late,

Don’t push something to be destined by fate,

Instead, work your way toward what you want,

There’s​ nothing in the universe, that achieve, you can’t,

For, what you’re seeking, is lying in wait, seeking you,

And all it takes, to reach there, is, efforts true,

Be your own paragon

Become your own icon,

Create for you, a niche that you’d be proud to own,

An identity, a name, that no one can dethrone,

Begin to climb the ladder to a life you think would awesome,

Live to see your dreams blossom!

One Liner Wednesday

Everytime you forgive, you do yourself a favour.

Musical March – Day 31 💝

The last day of the challenge and here I have two insanely wonderful songs.

1. Kholo Kholo from Taare Zameen Par

2. Sajda from My Name Is Khan

Lots of love, always 💖

Musical March – Day 30 💝

Hello! It’s Thursday – Just a day more to the weekend. So here are two super energetic songs to help you keep going 💕

1. Uff Teri Ada from Karthik Calling Karthik

2. Sadka Kiya from I Hate Love Storys

Love 💝

Be the best!

Step by step,

With hardwork, practice and prep,

In your territory, be the best,

And until you are, don’t ever rest,

Stick to what you know,

But update, upgrade and grow,

Relish your journey, revel in your expertise,

Each day in your life, grow more wise!


One Liner Wednesday ✨

Anything affects you only so much, as much as YOU let it. 


Musical March – Day 29 💝

For today

1. Probably the only song from Aashiqui 2 I truly like listening to

 Chahoon Mein Ya Naa


2. Aankhon Mein Teri from Om Shanti Om

Love 💖