I miss what we used to be.

I wrote this keeping in mind this monkey of a little sister I have.

I want to go back in time to the days when you and I
Were, in entirety, the cynosure of each other’s eyes,
To the days when, holidays just meant plotting with you for hours together,
To the days when I was inadvertently a part of your every exploit, your every adventure,

I want to go back in time to the days when you were still a kid fighting with me about the stars and the moon,
Because, let’s face it, there’s no way I can cope, with how you grew up this soon.

And, I miss your pranks. I miss your antics, your monkeying around,
I miss how you’d crack me up, how you’d bring the house down,
I miss your innocence, I miss chiding you,
I miss telling you what to do,
Oh, I miss how your world revolved just around me,
I miss what you and I used to be.


You make my world go round❤

I wake up each day – To the lilt of your laughter, to your glints of mischief, to meticulously yank at your hair,

To plot with you, to party with you, to have your back even when the world doesn’t care,
For, side by side or miles apart, you are who

For eternity, I’d willingly tie myself to,

It is you that stands by me in sickness, in health, in misery, in pain, 

In joy, in success, in every happiness of mine, 
I hear my name in your every prayer, I see myself in the arch of your eyebrows –
YOU make my world go round, it is to you that I’d raise my every toast!