I miss what we used to be.

I wrote this keeping in mind this monkey of a little sister I have.

I want to go back in time to the days when you and I
Were, in entirety, the cynosure of each other’s eyes,
To the days when, holidays just meant plotting with you for hours together,
To the days when I was inadvertently a part of your every exploit, your every adventure,

I want to go back in time to the days when you were still a kid fighting with me about the stars and the moon,
Because, let’s face it, there’s no way I can cope, with how you grew up this soon.

And, I miss your pranks. I miss your antics, your monkeying around,
I miss how you’d crack me up, how you’d bring the house down,
I miss your innocence, I miss chiding you,
I miss telling you what to do,
Oh, I miss how your world revolved just around me,
I miss what you and I used to be.


You make my world go round‚̧

I wake up each day – To the lilt of your laughter, to your glints of mischief, to meticulously yank at your hair,

To plot with you, to party with you, to have your back even when the world doesn’t care,
For, side by side or miles apart, you are who

For eternity, I’d willingly tie myself to,

It is you that stands by me in sickness, in health, in misery, in pain, 

In joy, in success, in every happiness of mine, 
I hear my name in your every prayer, I see myself in the arch of your eyebrows –
YOU make my world go round, it is to you that I’d raise my every toast!

Because, Brothers Are Super Special!

Bro – That’s the latest good word, ain’t it? Read on to know about one special occasion turned into a frenzy, fashionable, trendy custom just for the convenience and lustre it is expected to add.

August 18, 2016. Raksha Bandhan. When each sister ties a Rakhi on her brother’s hand, out of love, with a promise to always be there and protect each other in times of need. A day in honor of the brother-sister relationship. A day exclusively for the brothers. Because, brothers are just so special.

A brother is NOT someone on whose hand you tie a rakhi because you don’t want him to be your “Boy friend” or “lover boy”. Definitely not. Somebody does not become your brother just because you address him as “Cheta√†n“/ “Bhaiyaa“/ “Bhaisaheb“/ “Anna“/”Brother” etc. Rakshabandhan does not end with tying a Raakhi, it begins there – A lifelong relationship to preserve, to fulfill and to cherish – that will act as testimony to the honesty of the bond you promise to share.

All¬†relationships on one side, and the relationship you share with your brother on the other side. With your brother you share that special connect, that exclusive bond you can’t share with anyone else. Your brother is the super power you possess, to face the entire world with zeal, courage and confidence. With your brother by your side you feel you can deal with absolutely anything – He is your strength, your elixir. Your brother is one who wouldn’t hesitate to¬†break all ties, who’ll reach up to the skies just to ensure you get what you want. He wouldn’t think twice to sacrifice his all for you, because your happiness means the world to him. (I have seen my father do all this for his sister, and have remained spell bound every time. ¬†Makes me wish sometimes that I had a brother too, but my sister is worth a thousand brothers, and my cousins make up for the vacuum). To your brother, you can completely spill your heart out, without hesitation, without the need to feel scared, embarrassed or skeptical. He will be the last person in the world to judge you. With him, you can absolutely be your crazy self. He is your first teacher, your first best friend, your second parent.¬†He is the magician you can trust, to solve all your problems in a jiffy. You can fight with him for every stupid thing you can think of, annoy him, drive him mad – yet he will be there with you, for you, every time,¬†not because he is bound to, but simply because his world revolves around you. You are his pride, his first true love, his strength, and with you he absolutely loves to forge every single moment into an epiphany to be preserved and cherished for ages to last and beyond.

So the next time you think of tying a Rakhi to someone or you want to make someone your brother Рthink twice. Maybe thrice? Hell, as many times as you want to Рbecause your brother is not some random person in the world РHe is your special treasure, your forever superhero.

Make Way For Some Sibling Love!

I’ve often wondered what I would have done if I had been a single child. How I’d have been if I had not had my sister. Because,the only person in the world who’ll understand what’s running in my mind by just looking at my face without my having to even drop a hint, is her. She’s my partner in crime, my mischief manager, my best friend for life. Trust her to come up with the best ideas to save my ship everytime I think it’ll hit the rock. Oh, we fight a lot too, erm.. correction, I fight a lot with her, I am the mean one here, who nitpicks on almost every thing I see. I’m the one who is rude to her, I’m the one who hits her. And trust me, I’m not exaggerating when I say she’s the one who comes and says sorry to me, very sweetly, every single time. She’s the one who gives in to all of my demands. She’s the one who patiently put up with all my tantrums. She is the one who pretty much does all my chores. She makes my headache hers and works out a solution, just to keep me in peace. Nothing gives her more pleasure than my smile, and she’s ever ready to do anything for it. Though younger to me in age, she’s more like a mother to me, who balances me at all times. She’s more happy and proud than anyone else when I do something good. But what makes her special is, she is selfless. She doesn’t think twice about anything that she knows will make me happy, even if she has to let go of something that’s dear to her for that. She’s a lot more special to me than anyone else in the world – ¬†She’s probably the only person who can stand me for who I am. In a crowded party, in an insane gathering, in an isolate jungle – she’ll be the one who’ll be with me forever. She’ll be forever, my soulmate, my better half, and my life boat. She’s my strength, my elixir. My every moment with her is an epiphany in itself.

Thank you, Uthra, for being who you are. Thank you Uthra, for being with me. Thank you Uthra, Forever! – I wish you all the happiness you wish for.