She wins!

Remains behind the scene,

A tad too hesitant to be seen,

She works her way into everyone’s heart,

For her magic lies in her skills, in her art!


On a loop…

I go on a loop, with a clam, 

Seeking reality amidst all the sham,

In the mission to figure out who I am, 

Only to discover bliss in the mayhem!

You choose.

There’s nothing that you can’t,

But know what you really want,

Stay to your heart true,

Choose what’d suit you!

Be the light!

Be the light, be the sunshine,

Do your bit, don’t just whine,

Have the bone, have the spine,

Be your best, rain or shine!

A long way…

Destination set, Goals to be met,

Long way ahead? Oh, don’t fret,

Make each moment of your journey great,

Live, cherish and celebrate!


Be the spark…

Be the spark, be the fire,

Be what you desire,

Try hard until you tire,

Aspire, perspire, inspire!

In Print and Paper now –  My “Tweet A Story” Journey!

This evening, when I came back home from work, little did I know I would have a sweet little surprise waiting for me on my table.

My first ever book,  on my table, in paper and print.


Well, thanks to The Hindu, Ms. Zara and the entire team that curated this. It is because of you I get to see my name on a book today. Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Shashi Tharoor, for the very first tweet that kick-started the story and the journey.

Thank you, my amazing, creative co-authors. You made the experience all the more memorable.

This might possibly be just an inkling of what my peers have achieved, but, it isn’t everyday I would get an opportunity to publish my writing in the form of a book. It isn’t everyday I would get to co-author a story with people I look up to.

It was pure ecstasy to add my own book to my prized bookshelf.

Experiences like these give me my inspiration, keep me going.

So this journey, is definitely, in ways more than one, a dream come true for me.

Cheers to new dreams, to new beginnings!

P.S. Wanna know more? Read about the entire journey here ” Tweet A Story “.

P.P.S. Wanna read the book? Go ahead, get your free e-book here -> Tweet A Story E-book