Why I write :)

Coercing. A restraint I shamelessly fail to imbibe
On the myriad of emotions that seamlessly flow by,
Creating a vacuum within,
Taking me to places I’ve never been,
Sweet with happiness and archaically pensive,
Delicately intense, yet desperatively figurative,
Sometimes soft with invisible colours, possibly,
Transforming into the wind beneath my wings, secretly exhausting my melancholy –

I could fill hours describing them, but they wouldn’t be what you’d call poetry,
Raw and scorching, they’re made of figments you’d get bored of or might want to disagree,
But I couldn’t not write about them, I wouldn’t relinquish an experience so inanely tranquilizing,
Because words are all I have, albeit few and impulsively withering.


Will you be my muse?


So my next book – a short compilation of my poems is now live on the Juggernaut website. Hurray!

The poems I have put in there, are really a reflection of my soul (like they always are ;)) and it would mean the world to me if you could check the book out – read, rate and review and tell me what you think.

So, here’s the link to the book -> Be My Muse?

Please do check it out when you get the time. I can’t wait to hear what you think.


Your Real Elixir ✨

Your ability to smile wide when you’re glad,

Your ability to cry hard when you’re sad,

Your ability to get upset and mope,

Your ability to bring yourself to cope,

Your ability to dream, your ability to wish, 

Your ability to celebrate, your ability to cherish,

Your ability to fumble, slip and fall,

Your ability to pick yourself up and stand tall,

Your ability to bring yourself to believe,

Your ability​ to follow your heart and trust yourself to pursue,

Your uncompromising faith, your ability to hope,

Your ability to heal and swing back to scope,

Your will-power in abundance​,

Your perseverance,

Elixirs if these ain’t, what else is ?

Realise, recognise and revel in your bliss!

The Wait…

When you’ve done all you could,

Even when, no one, by your side, stood,

You mustered up courage and hope,

And took upon you beyond what you could cope,

You waited day through night, 

You looked above wrong and right,

Futile your efforts were, you did know,

Yet, your disappointment, you didn’t show,

The wait was perhaps worth it all,

Inspite of the pain, the tears big and small,

Because, the chaos, the pandemonium, it brought and broke,

Actually, strengthened your soul with each stoke!

Be your own!

Don’t be a toy,

Don’t be anyone’s ploy,

Be your own,

Cause you’d only reap what you’ve shown!

A Happy Place…

Lush green meadows,

A sea facing window,

Some sunlight on my face, as the birds chirping away,

That’s where I want to be, in a place all happy and gay!

P.S. This is part of my Pen The Picture project. Hope you like reading what I write.

Buckle Up..

Lights and sizzle,

There’s rain in a drizzle,

Time, my steps, I double up,

Skip all the fizz, to my home I buck up!

P.S. This is part of my Pen The Picture project. Hope you like reading what I write.