Together, Forever ❀

8 year old Tara found them drenched to the skin in the rain,

Crouched silently on the wet soil, fragile and meek, their eyes reflecting hunger and pain –
But, little did she know, as she carried them home, that she would never again have to be alone,

Little did she know, she finally had found the family she could call her own,
Little did she know they would soon become an irrevocable piece of her heart,

Little did she know that her furry four-legged friends would stick to her, until death did them apart! 


Savour the best!

Your time, you invest,

Spend it doing what gives you your zest,

With people who’ll stand by you, even when you’re a pest,

Create moments that’ll become the reason for your smiles, brightest!

Food for thought.

Most often, we come across people who change with time. You find their attitude, their behaviour, their interest in you doesn’t remain constant. 

Sometimes they call themselves your best friend, make you their pity project, ensure they have you by their side when they need you and then, they are gone – when they don’t need you anymore. They don’t respond to your texts, don’t ask you if you’re okay, don’t find the time to get back to you – because they don’t necessarily have anything to do with you. And they’d always expect you to understand their absence. And shamelessly so.

People like these, who call themselves your constants, are in reality, vermins of the worst order who drain all energy, all positivity and everything that you’ve to offer. 

They aren’t your real friends. They aren’t those who’d if not physically, be emotionally there for you when you need them. People like these are spam. Delete them off from your contact list, your friend list, your life. It is time you did. 

I have done. 

It’s For Forever!


Time flies. Circumstances change. Faces become unfamiliar. We age.

It is ironical though – the fact that we meet millions of people in different phases our lives, but we manage to stick on to only a few. A few become strangers, a few, acquaintances, a few, family, and a few, friends, for life – because, we connect with them like we do with nobody else. The wavelength, the rapport, the understanding, the warmth.

To those few of you in my life – you belong to me.

It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you live, it doesn’t matter if we don’t converse everyday, it doesn’t matter that today ain’t friendship day – but – I love you.

I am, because you help me be.

Thank you, for, you connect with me the way I am,  you connect with my flaws, with my  follies. With my imperfections. With my eccentricity. With my absurdity.

This bond we share, just so you know, is for forever. 


You’re a brick πŸ’–

Just a series of poems, I’d be writing to people who matter. My friends.

Hey Poo!

With you, anyone can form a great crew,

There’s nothing you cannot do,

You derive inspiration for anything out of the blue,

You are my friend old and new,

You helped me out when how I’ll manage, I didn’t have a clue,

You have a heart of gold, and you are true,

You’re a brick, you’ve always put up with this prick, phew,

Stay you,

But Pooja, continue being my friend too πŸ™‚



Day 16 – 30 Day Writing Challenge πŸ’ƒ

Something I miss.

I miss being a student. Not because I’ve begun working. Not because of the responsibilities I’m having to shoulder. Not because of the challenges I’m having to face. I actually like the fact that I’m independent financially at least, and I can pay my own bills, choose where and what to buy. 

But why exactly I miss being a student is because of this. The adventure, the competition, the company, the opportunities, the care, the genuine concern and warmth. From teachers, from friends who you can call your own. There’s recognition, there’s acknowledgement, there’s appreciation. There’s always time to make mistakes without hesitation, without people demeaning you. There’s no one who’ll judge you by your mistakes, instead, there will always be people to guide you, correct you, and help you out. It is one phase when you can be carefree, yet, get to learn loads. It is one phase when you can actually afford to be wrong. I miss being in that phase.

P.S. This is Day 16 of my 30 day writing challenge


No Strings Attached

You know, I always like to live 2 lives. One that I’m living out there, for the world to see, and the one that I’m living at my place, in my home, with my family and friends. And I hate mixing the two of them. I mean I’m all for caring and sharing but being privy into someone’s life is something altogether different. I don’t mask myself from people who pry, but I don’t think twice before I lash out “It’s absolutely not your business”. I give people their space and I believe I’m entitled to mine too.  Small talk, gossip don’t work for me. I hate people who beat around the bush just to extract a juicy bit of information. I love to make new friends and meet new people  – but not by discussing the latest scandal around. If I’m friends with someone, it’s because we just clicked and connected. Even at work, I find it best and easy to maintain just a professional, entirely “work related” relationship with people around – it just makes things simple and less complicated for me. I wouldn’t want to know or find what what each is doing in his/her day off, or what’s exactly happening in each of their personal lives. Neither, would I like to, in the least, share what I’m up to.

I wouldn’t like to break the wall and connect – that space is reserved purely for family and friends. One major reason I’m never getting on Facebook.