Keep going!

There’s no preamble for this post, I’m afraid. These are just a few thoughts that keep turning my mind over.

It amazes me when I realize how hard we try all the time, to please people we want to impress – for them to know we are good enough for them, we let them set standards for us, we let them decide if we are really worth their time, we try our best to make them understand we really yearn for their respect and appreciation. And in the process we let them decide our happiness, our value.

But, what do we get in return? A huge amount of regret, resentment, for not having achieved what was expected of us, because come what may, the expectation list is bound to remain endless.

All our life we keep doing what the rest of the world wants us to do, we keep trying to prove ourselves to our friends, relatives, family, society, we keep working to increase their happiness and end up ignoring what our heart really wants. All for nothing, but a chartered robotic life we are expected to lead, for the supposedly promised “happiness”.

We have always been given a rule book to follow; one toe out of line and we’ll have panic attacks on how we might become a failure for life. Or there will be people ready around the corner, convincing and coaxing us on what is right and what is good, making us forget what we actually want, however right we might be – If it doesn’t match their standards, wham! It’ll be a bygone before we can blink. How convenient, no?!

Enough. It isn’t necessary to please anybody. At all.

Be the way you are. Let your heart guide you, rule you. Be what you want. Feel the inner happiness and spread it around. You are God’s masterpiece and he has a master plan for you. Believe in him and do what you think is good and right. You aren’t a disappointment. Never have been. And for people who think you are, dispel them, their negativity. You aren’t here to fulfill anybody’s expectations. You are here for you. You are here to live a life you want to live. And you will live it to the fullest measure possible. Nothing less. Let not the world stop you. You are your own boss, and only you get to decide what you want. You are not fragile. You are the strongest person you’ve ever seen. And you’re never going to give anyone any chance to demean or undermine you.

You are the best, and will always be.

If at all you think you need to please someone or keep someone happy, let the person be you – for you are the one who’s going to live your life, face your obstacles and win your wars. Think about what you truly want, go for what makes YOU happy. Because at the end of the day, it is going to be just you in the field fighting for your goals, no one else.