The Wait…

When you’ve done all you could,

Even when, no one, by your side, stood,

You mustered up courage and hope,

And took upon you beyond what you could cope,

You waited day through night, 

You looked above wrong and right,

Futile your efforts were, you did know,

Yet, your disappointment, you didn’t show,

The wait was perhaps worth it all,

Inspite of the pain, the tears big and small,

Because, the chaos, the pandemonium, it brought and broke,

Actually, strengthened your soul with each stoke!


My favourite way of spending a Sunday evening ✨

My favourite way of spending a Sunday evening would always be this. 

Sitting out in a quiet corner, enjoying the evening breeze, watching the birds chirp and the squirrels run around, and finding bliss in the sunset. The mind is purely in the play mode, no rewind, no fast forward, and I’m compelled to breathe in the beauty of each moment. 

The anxiety about the future forgotten, I’m just finding solace in the present. 

Trust nature to help us ease out and rediscover ourselves amidst all the chaos, atleast for a little while every now and then.




From waking up each morning, to getting myself ready, to boarding the right bus and getting down at the right stop, to going to work and getting things done, to getting back home again, I see chaos everywhere. 

The real problem comes when I have to cross the road – somebody has to hold my hand and take me across, to keep me and the people around safe. I have zero sense of direction, I can’t estimate/analyse the speed of the vehicles that go by, I am pathetic at judging. I, sometimes, actually, wave my hand out at speeding vehicles, to let me cross when I die out of patience, and I’m always in a hurry.  So many people, so many vehicles with their continuous honking – definitely not my cup of tea. I literally run across the road when I get the chance. Therefore, every time I go out alone (which I do quite often), I make it a point to keep my eyes and ears extra-wide open, and keep sending my prayers up above to the Almighty – to keep me and the world around me in perfect order, sans chaos. 

But you know what,

Chaos, is my middle name. I attract chaos wherever I go, whatever I do.