My tryst with books ❤

All through the day yesterday, on account of #WorldBookDay in the UK, I got to read some insanely amazing stories about how people first discovered the joy of reading, about the first ever book they read, etcetera, and I got all nostalgic.
So here’s presenting a picture of 2 books – 2 of my eternal favourites – Matilda by Roald Dahl and House at the Corner by Enid Blyton. They’re two of the first few books I read as a kid, and, and I’m glad I read these 2 because I can’t describe in words the kind of impact they’ve had in my life.
I remember trading my crackers for a bunch of books when I was in class 3 and there’s been no turning back ever since. Be it hiding a book between the pages of a text book because I wanted to find out the ending, or sneaking out of weddings to finish a gripping chapter, or
holding onto the edge of the bed before eventually falling down because of a twist in the plot I hadn’t seen coming – I’ve found solace in them in almost every moment of my 24 years of existence thus far.
But books always do that to you, don’t they?
They help you find your escape into oblivion in the most blithesome possible way one can think of –
Breathing in the scent of their pages as you let the story seep deep into your veins, metamorphosing into each of the umpteen characters you come across, teleporting yourself into a world you read about – Oh! There’s definitely no experience as magical as reading a book.

Oh, and you might ask,

“After all this time?”



On that note, what’s your favourite book?

P.S. I started reading Harry Potter much later, but, man, I can’t imagine my existence without it now.

P.P.S. I’m pathetic at taking pictures, but this one’s kinda special 🙂


Together, Forever ❤

8 year old Tara found them drenched to the skin in the rain,

Crouched silently on the wet soil, fragile and meek, their eyes reflecting hunger and pain –
But, little did she know, as she carried them home, that she would never again have to be alone,

Little did she know, she finally had found the family she could call her own,
Little did she know they would soon become an irrevocable piece of her heart,

Little did she know that her furry four-legged friends would stick to her, until death did them apart! 

My Best Friends ✨

They don’t demand, they don’t complain,

You find yourself turning to them for solace, for answers, when you’re in pain,
Good, bad or ugly, they stay with you for everything you are,

They help you heal your every wound, your every scar,
Bitch about, bicker with or betray, they’d never let you go, you’ll always find them by your side,

Books – they truly are your best friends; with them, there are no conditions applied!

The Love of My Life….


My first love, my soulmate

My best friend, my confidante

My each day begins with you and ends with you,

Books, What will my life be, without you?








P.S. This is part of my Pen The Picture project 🙂 Hope you like reading what I write 🙂