It lingers forever…

Real fragrance is that which stays forever,

Not that which withers when beauty wilts over!


Beauty be just skin deep.

What’s with the obsession about how we look? 

I’ve always been puzzled on how to react when people compliment me on how I look (which happens extremely rarely). On the contrary I’ve always wanted to impress people with the work I do. Compliment me on my work, my thoughts, my choices, my deeds, my persona – you’ll find my happy. 

Criticise my looks, make fun about my appearance and you wouldn’t find me giving a damn. But diss my work, you’ll find you’ve rubbed me the wrong way.

Looks seriously cease to matter. What matters ultimately is the kind of person you are, the kind of work you do, and the difference that you make with your existence.
Cheers! βœ¨πŸ’–

My favourite way of spending a Sunday evening βœ¨

My favourite way of spending a Sunday evening would always be this. 

Sitting out in a quiet corner, enjoying the evening breeze, watching the birds chirp and the squirrels run around, and finding bliss in the sunset. The mind is purely in the play mode, no rewind, no fast forward, and I’m compelled to breathe in the beauty of each moment. 

The anxiety about the future forgotten, I’m just finding solace in the present. 

Trust nature to help us ease out and rediscover ourselves amidst all the chaos, atleast for a little while every now and then.



Just another Byte…

Okay so I’ve been really lazy for the past 2 days now. I’ve been thinking of stuff to write, but slump off into the bed the moment I’m home. Bad, very bad.

Anyway, coming to what I wanted to share. 

I’ve observed that basically most of the women population in the world loves nail paint. This includes my kith and kin. All my friends. I’m yet to figure out why. As in, like really? What’s the fun in wearing them in different colours every other day, and scraping them off only to apply some more? And the long nails. This is another thing. First grow your nails long, shape them all nicely and then paint them, so all the dirt you get inside them won’t be visible. Like really? Wouldn’t trimming them close and cleaning them once in a while be an easier, simpler task?  Might just save you some money as well.

Oh, the anklets next. What’s with wearing them and walking to and fro? People, snap out of your sleep. You are in a public place, and the jingle of your anklets isn’t exactly music to our ears. Grrrrr. It’s noise. 

Coming to think of it now, I’ve always fancied nail paints and anklets as a kid. Because I wasn’t allowed to wear them. But the heart always gets attracted towards the forbidden fruit right? But now, when I actually tried them on, I realised I hated them. Good for me πŸ˜›