Beauty be just skin deep.

What’s with the obsession about how we look? 

I’ve always been puzzled on how to react when people compliment me on how I look (which happens extremely rarely). On the contrary I’ve always wanted to impress people with the work I do. Compliment me on my work, my thoughts, my choices, my deeds, my persona – you’ll find my happy. 

Criticise my looks, make fun about my appearance and you wouldn’t find me giving a damn. But diss my work, you’ll find you’ve rubbed me the wrong way.

Looks seriously cease to matter. What matters ultimately is the kind of person you are, the kind of work you do, and the difference that you make with your existence.
Cheers! ✨💖


Change? But Why?

I don’t know exactly why, but “Change” is that word, that phenomenon that freaks me out. Every single time.

When I was in school, I dreaded that a time may come when I had to change my school. Though necessity such as that presented itself before me, I hated even imagining the fact that I had to go to a new place, make new friends, adjust in a new environment.

When schooling was over and I had to join college, I was really NOT looking forward to the new journey. I mean, I knew I had to get educated and all that, but I was quite never ready to move to an altogether new place, new teachers/professors, new people and new subjects.

College over, and time to say Hi to work – I was going through it all over again. Each time I felt I was being pushed out of my protective shield and each time I felt vulnerable.

But that’s life – and this is how things will be, and I have no choice but to accept them. Time flies, and I have to keep my pace with it. Always have, always will.

But there is another form of “Change” I detest.

To ‘Change’ my priorities. To ‘Change’ the course of my life, without my wanting to. To ‘Change’ features of my being and appearance just to look good/impress. To ‘Change’ myself, and not be what I want to be. To ‘Change’ my thoughts and views. To ‘Change’ my goals. To ‘Change’ my likes and dislikes. To ‘Change’ who I am, and become who the world wants me to.

Very often, I come across people (I am sure, all of you too do) who give me “free advice”. They somehow seem to have, always, ready at hand, a complied list of “free advice” to be given – on – how to be, how not to be, what to do, what to not do, what will give me happiness, what will keep the society talking. Et cetera, Et cetera.

I totally agree to adapt, to adjust, to learn-unlearn, to be flexible, to correct myself when I am wrong, because these will help bring out the best in me.

But that does NOT mean I will change the course of my life just to suit the ways of the society.

I’d like to just go out and do my thing and live my life the way I’d like to, without having to always clarify or answer around for every decision I make. I wouldn’t want to do something just because every Tom, Dick or Harry is doing it, or because the society decides it is right.

Oh! How I wish doing it was as easy as writing this blog! Life would be so much simpler then.