Talk about Contrasts, Courage and Confidence!

7 p.m. Chromepet railway station, near the ticket counter : A young guy, Mani clears the area around and settles himself down to begin his trade for the day. He sells flowers. At a very nominal rate. To earn his daily bread.

7 a.m. Chromepet railway station, near the ticket counter, bang opposite the place where Mani sits everyday: Another guy slightly older than Mani, perhaps. Who seeks alms from people to have his daily bread.

7: 05 p.m. Chromepet railway station, near the ticket counter, bang opposite Mani : The slightly older guy still is seeking for alms from people. Mani has just begun his trade.

Confused at what I’m trying to convey? Well, for your information, Mani, is slightly crippled. His one leg isn’t normal, like it is for the rest of the human clan. He still EARNS his living. He manages to make a living for himself, in spite of what circumstances had in store for him. He doesn’t brood over it. He doesn’t use his minus as his key to gain the sympathy of people. Which is commendable.

And as for my reference to the other guy, who seeks alms, well, he is crippled too, in the leg. Perhaps someone who has suffered a higher degree of damage. And is under even more pain and difficulty. Than Mani. But by God’s grace, his hands are still intact. So is the rest of his body. He can STILL EARN a decent living for himself, if ONLY he wills it. And that is where Mani makes a difference for himself.
Two people in similar situations, but their attitudes show the contrast in their livelihoods. It takes only a bit of confidence and a small dose of courage to bring the change.

P.S.  No, I ain’t anyone to make a comparison of the livelihoods of the two. Or comment on the same. Nor am I some reporter snooping around for stories for my magazine. No. This is plainly my observation. And it ends with a lesson for self.That’s about it.

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Random Thoughts!

Forget your past if it hurts you. Completely. With both the good and bad in it. Start today like there has been no yesterday. Live today like you will live to see tomorrow.
This way, you create a new past, way more memorable, with just the memories you want to cherish.

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Scion of Ikshvaku – My take :)


I know I’m a tad too late in writing this, but better late than never 😉

Oh! btw, before I start, this isn’t a review; just my view on how I found the book to be.

Scion of Ikshvaku is the first book of the Ram Chandra Series by Amish Tripathi.

The book delivers what it promises to – An unbridled account of the life of Ram. Right from his birth, his childhood, his relationship with King Dashrath, his equation with his 3 Queen mothers, his bonding with his brothers, his Swayamvar and beyond, specially, the reason behind the 14-year exile or the infamous Vanvaas (I hadn’t even guessed about this reason in the wildest of my dreams); every intricate detail, with ample references to apt Sanskrit verses, has been delivered in the signature Amish style – one which has got him such huge readership. The secrets and lies that lie behind every event that unfolds are worth turning the page for.

The instances, where the Ram-Lakshman duo stand up for each other, where Raavan makes his marks in Ram’s life, where Ram stands by his people and the law, are described with such perfect emotions that they make you want to delve more into the beautifully written passages. And that’s where the author wins.

‘Scion of Ikshvaku’ brings with it the baggage of Amish’s rightly gained stardom, which is sufficient to vouch for the book to be a reader’s delight, only, I felt it wasn’t as fast paced as the books of ‘The Shiva Trilogy’ (the one minus that I could think of, for the book), but maybe the forthcoming books of the series will make up, in full, for it. Yet, this is no reason for one to not grab his copy 😉

P.S.  I thought I should mention this, though. I liked Kavita Kane’s view of ‘Lady’ Urmila and Ma Kaikeyi in ‘Sita’s Sister’ better.

Because of two delicate theories I learned from it.

  1. Appearances are deceptive (Read ‘Appearance’ as what you get to see/hear) courtesy, a case of Ma Kaikeyi (Try reading the book to know what I mean. I dare not reveal it, lest I spoil the surprise for someone 😉 )
  2. Circumstances bring out the best in you, show what you are made of. – ‘Lady’ Urmila. (Yes, I prefer to call her a ‘Lady’, for her forthrightness, courage and the determination of steel that she is made of).

Just Saying.

Anna Quotes ;)

Decide. Do. Define.
Decide where YOU want to reach – Not where PEOPLE want you to.
Do your best to reach where you want to be.
Define your success then.

P.S. Some random thoughts that keep buzzing in my mind – Anna’s quote 😂;)


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Caught between two Indias: Tales of two dogs

Anyone who wants to understand India or Indian cinema can learn everything – Ok, almost everything – about the different Indias within by just sampling the two releases of the week. One that defies the notion of India as a poor country by mounting a dysfunctional family drama bigger than the biggest of Hollywood indies […]