Follow Your Heart!

I’m an obsessive pessimist for myself, and a persuasive optimist for the world. My funda? – Expect the worst out of everything possible, while putting in your best. Why? ‘Cause if something goes wrong, you’d not have a heart ache, and if something works well beyond expectations, you’d experience double the delight. Simple, ain’t it? 😉

Pointers I have charted out for myself, to help me move on when I have mucked things up, to help me rise when I fall, to help me keep going when I break down. I’d be more than glad if any of these help you too  – That’s another reason why I am sharing them here 🙂

1. You are unique specimen. One of a kind. Carve a niche for yourself than wanting to be another A, B or C. Have an identity and be proud to own it.

2. Be unapologetic about the way you look. Begin to love yourself. Begin to feel confident.

3. You are NOT perfect. You are a camouflage of errors. So before you lose your temper at anybody, think back, and watch your words.

4. Seize every moment. And live it like the way you would have, if no one was watching. Be eccentric.Be weird. Be silly. But, be you. The mask you put on will come off when you’re unguarded.

5. It’s never too late to correct yourself. So do it, the minute you realise you’ve erred. And rectify your errors before it’s too late.

6. Be ashamed. But have enough courage to own up.

7. Stop blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong in the world. You aren’t that important.

8. Understand what you want from life. Understand what’ll make you really happy in the long run. And do something only if it makes YOU happy, not because the entire country is doing it.

9. You aren’t answerable to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Don’t care about what each fly around you buzzes. Put together, it becomes noise, a.k.a. Useless.

10. Talk less. Let your work speak. Don’t talk of the accomplishments you’re going to create, even if you’ve got a plan in place. Let the rewards speak.

11. You become better by the day, you improve every second. So never stop trying. Never go into hiding. The world might lose a masterpiece.

12. You never know what you might end up doing. Or how you might end up being. So NEVER look down upon anybody, anything.

13. Be competitive. Be part of the race. And learn to win it.

14. Voice what you think. Your opinion matters, or, will begin to matter. Learn to make a difference – to you, to the ones around you.

15. You don’t always have to impress someone. Or have a reason for everything you do. Sometimes it’s good to do something just because it makes you happy.

16. Stand on your own two feet. Stop the self pity. Stop expecting sympathy for every mosquito bite you get. Have some self respect, or learn to earn it.

17. Earn your living. Be independent. Be a shoulder for someone to lean on.

18. Dream for the moon. Desire for what’s possible. Desire for what YOU can afford. It’s disgraceful to live in debt, however small.

19. Know where you stand, and work to better yourself to reach where you want. It’s good to get a reality check once in a while. Brings you back to earth, keeps you grounded.

20. Earn what you want. The “Beg, Borrow, steal” trick doesn’t work in life. Gifts, treaties, and trades don’t stay yours for long. Earn it, own it, cherish it. For LIFE.

21. Live every moment like crazy. Live the madness you’ve wanted to be in. Crush the fence you’ve built for yourself and break free. Spare yourself the regret. Smile, Laugh, Guffaw. Enjoy the moment when you are living it. Before it becomes a long lost dream.

The Haiku Jam

So, in my previous blog entry here, My Few Quatrains I had written about my love for Quatrains.
Now I’m writing about my love for Haiku. I was introduced to this awesome masterpiece on twitter – And man, I’m now totally, madly and completely in love with the app. What started off for me as a hobby, as a cure for my restlessness, has now become one of my major go-to sources for recreation, creativity enhancement, and a never disappointing source of joy.

Writing a Haiku is now like therapy for me. I enjoy the jamming, the process of writing and the output. Keeps all my tension at bay, and lets all my happiness stay.

How the HaikuJam app works :
1. Get the app here :

2. Create a profile for yourself.

3. You have 2 options : Jam with the world, Jam with your circles.

4. Begin with Jam with the world until you form circles.

5. Go to the Jam area where an array of topics are displayed. Choose one and start your Haiku. Or you could come up with a topic yourself, and start writing.

6. Once done, hit on publish. Your Haiku will be circulated around for completion.

7. Likewise, you can contribute to others’ Haiku by clicking on Shuffle and choosing between the different Haikus available to add your bit to it.

That’s about it. Sounds cool, right?

I’m not exaggerating, people. This experience on HaikuJam is really worth a try. It’s exhilarating. It’s liberating. It’s AMAZING.

Well, people who love to play with words, and even those who don’t, it’s totally worth a shot. Go NOW and get the app. You can’t miss this. So, start jamming. Go Haiku 😉

P.S. While you are at it, spare a glance at  the Haiku I’ve written too. And join the circle. Let’s jam together 😉

My HaikuJam can be traced at

Happy Tamil New Year

Let’s find new reasons to smile,

Spread happiness across every mile,

Create new memories and cherish what we had in the past,

For these are the treasures that will, forever last!

Have a fantastic new year!
                                          – Annapurani V

My Few Quatrains

Two days ago, I was introduced to this absolutely wonderful concept called Quatrains, on Medium.
Quatrains are, to cut the long story short, four-line verses, much like a complete poem, similar to a Haiku.

I thought I’d share the links to them here 🙂

“Ding dong bell,” @annapurani93

“Hop, step, jump” @annapurani93

“Believe” @annapurani93

“Passion” @annapurani93

“Silences” @annapurani93

P.S. I’m also doing the Haiku Challenge on the HaikuJam app – I will be writing at least one Haiku everyday as long as I live 🙂
The experience is liberating, supremely calming.

Things That Keep Me Steady, And Make Me Happy :)

The little things that keep me going, that keep me steady and give me the happiness to look forward to, in every moment of my life.


1. A few minutes in the front portico of my house, everyday, morning or evening, doing nothing – absolutely nothing. Just walking around, or sitting simply and letting my mind wander without any motive – it’ my ‘absolute’ time, it’s my way of letting go!

2. Paying my bills. Taking care of my needs – being independent. I’d feel the pinch when I’m broke, and learn to be more responsible then. Plus when I splurge on myself, I’d feel less guilty.

3. Reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. My favorite book of the series – it gives me a joy like no other. Though I LOVE ALL the books of the Harry Potter series, this one remains my favorite.

Harry Potter

4. Reading Enid Blyton’s, Roald Dahl’s and William Wordsworth’s works – they calm my soul and give me the peace I yearn for. They were a huge part of my childhood, they still are and will be, a big part of my life.

5. Listening to Mandolin Srinivas’s, Pandit Ravi Shankar’s and Zakir Hussain’s music – They soothe me, slow me down and steady me when I freak out and fidget.

6. Listening to Suchitra Karthik Kumar Speak/RJ/Sing. She is such a delight to listen to.

7. Listening to a few of my favorite singers and the most amazing songs in their voices – Benny Dayal, Harshdeep Kaur, Neeti Mohan, Shreya Ghoshal, Shalmali Kholgade, Jubin Nautiyal, Kailash Kher, Hariharan, Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam, Madhusree.

8. Watching Shah Rukh Khan – his charisma works like magic on me. My playlist has Baazigar, My Name is Khan and Dil Toh Pagal Hai, among the few of the other SRK songs on repeat mode – not just because of the amaze music, but more because those songs feature him. I find myself watching his films over and over again – just to see him on screen. Yes, you got me – I’m literally obsessed about him.

Things that keep me steady.jpg

9. When I’m ticked off for something unnecessary, when people yap nonsense at me, bark at me for reasons I don’t care about, or try to depress me, I do this. I try and imagine my favourite people (people I drool about :P) talking to me. (Erm, to be read as  Barun Sobti and Namik Paul). Try it, people. It works – firstly, you get transported to a different world, and secondly, you always, involuntarily get to sport a smile on your face, without you knowing it.

10. Eating dried and delicately fried garden huckleberries. And Ladies fingers. And Pani Puri. Instant depression repellents.

11. Book hoarding, book shopping, book hauls, book mails – whatever you want to call them. Buying books and reading them make me happy.

12. Participating in contests/competitions and winning them all. It doesn’t matter to me how small or big the prize is – a prize is a prize, and it always brings significant delight to me.

13. Seeing my name in print – This has given me unlimited happiness in the past, and I’m doing my best to experience the same again, and again; until I die.

14. Talking to my real friends – friends who don’t judge me, who accept me for who I am, with all my flaws.

15. Blogging – My first go-to, every time I feel the need to express, or share what I think. Much gratitude to the source that helped me discover this awesome experience.

16. A trip to Bombay, even if it’s for a day. ‘Tis where I belong, Tis where I learned to smile, literally.

17. Reading Calvin and Hobbes, Blondie and Peanuts comics – I make it a point to read their comic strips each day in the newspapers. It’s amazing how all my stress ebbs away when I read them.

18. Binging on dark chocolate. Lots of them. Anytime. Every time. All the time.


 So far, just this. Will keep updating the list as I hit on or discover more 🙂

Unrequited Love

An edited version of a little something – my lame attempt at writing a short story.

It was early evening. Mellowed sunshine and pleasant breeze. The perfect ambience for romance. Sameer jumped into his car, and sped off into the lanes he so well knew. On reaching her house, Sameer tenderly clasped her present in his arms, and raced into the garden – for that is where he had left her last.

The air reeked of romance. Sameer took out the fresh red chrysanthemums she loved, and knelt down. Leaning forward, he gently kissed her name and placed them on the tomb before him.Tears streamed down his eyes as he looked up at the skies, seeking an answer. When he couldn’t hold himself up any longer, he dozed off on her tomb – what felt like her arms to him.

Of Epiphanies and Elixirs

If you’re featured here, it means you matter more than a lot to me. Thanks for always being there.

Hoot! Hoot! It’s morning!
The sun’s shining and I’m still yawning,
I stretch up and jump out,
Thinking happily of the epiphanies I’ve dreamt about;
The elixirs I have in store,
Make me happy and I want no more;
It’s time I thank them, by one and by name,
For they are the reason if I claim some fame
God, My family and my sister,
Without whom I’d be nothing but a blister;
My friends whom I’d like to list,
Sans whom I’d be nothing but mist;
To Suraj, my thunder buddy,
My first reader and genuine critic,
To M.K., to Maheedar, and to Kishore my life time, all-hour friends,
To Bunny and to LK, my crazy culture crew,
To Sabaritha and to Divya Anandhi, my comrades in arms,
To Gayathri and to Ezhil, my partners in crime,
To Anushka and to Pooja, my soulmates for LIFE.
Without even one of you, my life –
Would be nothing but strife;
You are my elixirs, and every memory with you is an epiphany,
Thank You for every moment until now and the ones yet to come, which are and will be, equally uncanny!