Friends Forever!

To Uthra, my sister and first best friend. To Pooja, Anushka, Gayathri, Ezhil, Sabarritha, M.K., Abhi, Lk, Mahee, Kishore, Suraj. Happy Friendship Day to You!
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In a world where nothing comes free, where people don’t talk to each other without purpose, there is this beautiful bond called friendship. Where you just connect with someone, instantly or maybe in a day, in weeks, in months and become ‘Friends‘.

Friends who like you for who you are, not for what you’ll become or what they want you to become. Friends who don’t tell you what to do, but join you in the fun.

No, I’m certainly not talking about people who call themselves your friends, but every time you need them they aren’t there. Not people for who you make yourself available all the time, but they conveniently ask you “Is it something important? (With a smiley)”. Not people who let you down during your rough patches. Not people who are jealous of who you are, or what you have. Not people who constantly find ways and means to change you the way they want you to be. Not people who don’t stay with you when you’re in distress, and get back to you in your glory. Not people who talk to you all day, but aren’t ready to listen to you when you want them to. Not people who find it easy to make excuses and not be there during your important moments in life when you want them by your side.

I’m talking about people who like you for who you are. People who don’t put up with you, but actually enjoy your company. People to whom your presence matters the world. People who not just accept your flaws, but like you with your flaws. People who’ll laugh with you, cry with you, who’ll happily eat every bait with you. People who’ll pull your leg all the time, but will be the first to speak up for you when someone puts you down. People to whom you can bare your heart to. People with whom you can always be your true self, without any pretence on, without any necessity to impress. People who’ll be extremely busy, but will still find time for you, because you mean a lot to them. People who’ll become your family when you are alone, and stand by your side without questions when you need them. People, who might miss wishing you on your birthday, who might not talk to you everyday, but will still get through to you the moment they sense you’re not okay. I’m talking about people who’ll never judge you for who you are, or for the decisions you make.

I’m talking about people who are your real friends. Not your Facebook friends or your Twitter followers. Not the forced kind either. Real, non-pretence people, with who you share a beautiful bond called friendship, with whom you strike a chord. People, who can resonate at the same wavelength as yours, who can read your mind looking at your face without you having to utter a word. People, who always give you the right vibe. People who see right through you, beyond all your hoity-toity airs, your fake smiles and your sharp tongue.

Friendship, like any other relationship isn’t perfect. And the beauty of it would be lost if it was. It would’ve been extremely soppy and dull and boring, if it were not for the stupid misunderstandings and the petty fights. If it were not for the numerous arguments. They make the bond stronger, more special.

I’m extremely lucky to have found a few such, and to those few I’d like to dedicate this blog post. You know I’m a defective piece, wired to be just the way I am. And I know you’ll stand by me, rock solid, no matter what. Your presence matters the world to me, and I will cling on to you forever. Thanks for always being an amazing part of my world. Can’t imagine my life without even one of you. You guys are special.

To a bond as beautiful as this, a day wouldn’t suffice. Nevertheless, cheers to beautiful people who make your world go round, people with whom you forge a relationship, fun and pure and everlasting.

Cheers to friends. Cheers to friendship. Cheers to Friendship Day!

My Top Twelve Tracks – Tamil

Time for my top favourite 12 tracks, Tamil tracks this time. 

So here’s the list ( The song followed by the name of the movie it is featured in) Like I had mentioned in my previous post about my top favourite Hindi tracks, I love each of the below songs equally 😀 

1. Kannamoochi Yenada, Kandukondain Kandukondain

2. Oruvan Oruvan Muthalali, Muthu

3. Vizhigal Pesum Mozhiyil, Ennai Saaithale (An acquaintance’s short film)

4. Kanmani Anbodu Kadhalan, Guna

5.  Sippi irukuthu muthum irukuthu, Varumayin Niram Sivappu

6. June July, Kalloori

7. Nila Kaigirathu, Indra

8. Poo Vaasam, Anbe Sivam

9. Mental Manadhil(Male and Female versions), O Kadhal Kanmani

10. Chinna Chinna Aasai, Roja

11. Kannalane, Bombay

12. Oru Poiyavadhu, Jodi

Each of the songs is a delight to listen to. Try listening. It’ll transport you to an entirely different world of joy, peace and bliss

For The Love Of Writing, Reading and Anything Books..

I love my weekends majorly, majorly because of a specific reason. I get to spend a lot of my time reading, blogging and sleeping. I am no party animal and I hate roaming around/touring the city all the time. So generally I sit with my books, my newspapers, my postcards and breathe with them or I write letters, emails, blogs and express all that I’ve been wanting to. But this week, I had a deadline for a heavy-on-emotion task – I had to clear up a room where a part of my treasure was kept – all my school and college books, assignments, cyclostyles, answer scripts, guides. I was, ages ago, assigned the task of sorting them all out and giving them away to a library or the old paper market. And I had been scrupulously avoiding doing it for the longest time and been giving the stupidest of excuses for putting it off each time. Because, you know, they weren’t just books or paper for me, they were a piece of my heart. A part of my journey. An incredible part of my journey. The touch, the feel, the aura the room had around it, always brought fond memories into my head, leaving me nostalgic. The smell of old paper is a scent irreplaceable to me. As I pile them all up today, ready to be given away, I clutch each bit of everything that’s there, give it the tightest hug possible and hold it for the longest time before I can actually say goodbye to it. And I don’t want to. 


The Divide

I remember, as a kid, I used to immediately warm up to people who gave me toffees, chocolates, gifts – among the other relatives who had nothing but a smile and hug for me. I used to eagerly wait for the those specific aunts and uncles to come home, just because they always bought me something. I’d be sweet, I’d pamper them around and towards the end I’d have a bountiful of treats in my bag. 

Then I grew up, and I brought myself up with the principle – to never accept any favour/gift/anything from anyone, at any cost. And whatever I wanted, I would wait, save and earn it myself. So it was all sorted in my mind and I no longer was looking forward to all the treats people brought me. But this didn’t mean I didn’t look forward to meeting them, it meant, the “gifts” aunties and uncles held the same value as the “only hugs and smiles” aunties and uncles, in my heart. 

Now, in almost every house there will be atleast one NRI aunt, uncle and family who’ll stay in some expensive, exotic foreign country and who come to India once in a while. And everytime they come, they’ll bring lots of gifts with them, which probably would’ve cost them just a dime, but considering the standards in our country, it will look like a lot to us. Always has, always will. And whatever we do/give in return will always seem small in comparison. 

But, of late, I realised through the passing years; the elders, the neighbours, the relatives and the rest of the people I know, haven’t grown up at all. They still hold the same attraction towards people who bring them expensive gifts, towards people who are NRIs, towards people who have lots of money. It is us kids who seem to have moved on. 

Though we aren’t poor or anything, it breaks my heart when I see people sucking up to that particular NRI aunt for no reason, and sticking up to her/her family like wart plasters through out their stay here. Their behaviour, attitude, emotions change drastically when she/any one from her family is around. The exotic aunts suddenly become the centre of attraction and the eye of everyone’s attention. 

This is a huge startling divide I fail to comprehend, and do not wish to ever.

Though money, power, status, position matter to me, I wish to earn them myself – not by sucking up to people or plastering fake smiles on my face whenever I see them. For me, this divide just doesn’t exist. For me, the only people matter are those who’ll stand by my side no matter what. To me, everyone’s the same and if something is going to set them apart it’d be their honesty in emotions.

What Do I Care Most About?

You know what is important to make my day normal? What is it that will keep me from going insane? What is it that will keep me from being jumpy and from biting people’s heads off? 

Something very simple. 

A good, undisturbed, sound sleep of 8 hours, each day. Nothing more, nothing less. My sleep matters a lot to me – it’s like meditation for me. I have my quota of sleep and I’m good to go. Deprive me of my sleep and you’ll have a maniac on the run. People say it’s all in the head, but trust me, I can stay without food/water/music/fun – but not sleep. The days when I hit the sack late and wake up early, I’m horrible. I become more nitpicky than I already am, and it’s certainly not good for the people around me. I exhaust everyone around with my temper, and look ready to faint every next second. And I’ll keep looking for opportunities to snatch a nap, even if it’s going to be for an extremely short while. But that’s me. Keep me away from my sleep and you become my enemy for life. Erm, just kidding, but I’m certainly not someone to sacrifice my sleep for anything/anyone – and trust me, my not having to give up on my sleep does so much good to the world and the people living in it 😉

For me,

Sound Sleep =  Peace +  Tranquility + Assured dose of sanity

Let’s Face It…

Alone or in a group,

Never let your courage droop,

Face your fears, no matter how big they are,

Persevere, you will emerge a winner, a star!

P.S. This is part of my Pen The Picture project. Hope you like reading what I write.

Celebrations Galore…

When there is a lot of sparkle and light,

The twinkle of the stars in the sky, so bright,

Peace and happiness in measures, right,

My, how much I yearn for this sight!

P.S. This is part of my Pen The Picture project. Hope you like reading what I write.