Count Your Blessings!

Thoughts from a heart-wrenching experience.

A few days ago as I was walking down the street I found an old woman in her late 80s perhaps, sitting in one corner and mumbling loudly and incoherently. She looked ragged, distraught and miserable. People kept their distance from her as they walked. She kept screaming as she saw people looking at her with sympathy. She looked like she hadn’t eaten for ages, so when somebody placed a bowl of food in front of her, she eyed the bowl and the giver with doubt and curiosity, and waited until everyone moved away. And then, morsel by morsel she fed herself as much as she could, and slept away on the roadside. Something about her kept me thinking as I watched her behavior over the days. She gradually got accustomed to the bowl of food and the roadside naps. She was still in her rags, with her incoherent screaming echoing our ears every now and then. One evening, when I (fully clothed and yet, found the wind too cold) saw her huddled in a corner, mumbling to herself, oblivious to everything around, something pricked me. I took out one of my mom’s blankets, went to her and wrapped it around her as best as I could. She got startled initially and opposed my gesture, after sometime she looked at me innocently with mixture of gratitude and confusion and she stopped reacting. She then hurriedly hugged the blanket to herself and went back to her routine garbling.

We, completely normal, well fed and well housed people find it depressing when we don’t get our ‘choice’ of clothes. When we don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend. When we don’t get to dine in expensive restaurants. When we don’t get our choice of gadgets.
We become restless when we don’t have some to talk to. When we don’t have something to do. When we don’t interact with someone for probably a few ‘hours’ in a day.
We get bored going to the same place everyday, in the same route, by the same means of transport.
We get frustrated when we don’t get what we desire. We get irritated when we don’t understand what’s happening. We get annoyed if something doesn’t happen the way we want it to.
Too right?
Now, for a nanosecond, imagine the plight of mentally unstable people- people who are admitted in asylums, and people who are left to their fate, on the streets. It breaks my heart to imagine how miserable each day of their existence would be.
They don’t understand what’s happening around them, they do not have the power to comprehend anything at all, they don’t know if they are clothed, they don’t realize if they are hungry or thirsty, they don’t have anyone to ask them if they are okay, they don’t know anymore how to share what they think, they don’t know where they are, if left on the streets; or they get to simply stay put in a room if admitted in an asylum for treatment. A single room for the entire life left of them, at least until they’re cured. No new clothes, no fancy dinners, no fun, but yes – lots of sympathy; Nothing more.

God bless these souls, who have a real battle to fight, every single day in their lives.
You help me count my blessings each minute I look at you, if nothing else.

Let’s show a little love whenever we can, to whomever we can, in whatever way we can. Let’s show we care. Let’s tell people they matter. Let’s learn to value life the way it must be.
It’s never too late to start. One small gesture might help someone in a big way, someday.

What goes out, comes back huge. So, who knows, a little good deed everyday from you, might just save your ship someday when you need it, too?

Look Around!


So much marvel around to see

Left unadmired is such a pity –

Look around, feel the bliss

Enjoy the moment when you can, try not to give anything a miss!




P.S. This is part of my Pen The Picture project 🙂 Hope you like reading what I write 🙂

That Eating Disorder!

Marriage receptions are occasions where people get to meet, greet and … eat. Where people get ravenous in their excitement of meeting people and the aroma of the extremely delicious menu. Unless, they are a tad bit like me.(Salads and soups comprise my main course. The aroma of food doesn’t entice me to eat at all, it works the other way round – I stop feeling hungry. Take me out for lunch – I bet a million bucks, I’ll end up spoiling your appetite as well.) Yesterday evening was one such occasion. A lot of meeting and greeting done, I proceeded to the dining hall just to take in so much food that’ll help me survive the half an hour journey back home (after being on an empty stomach all afternoon)
That was one more time when I realised how pathetic I was, with food. The aroma of the food alone seemed to quell my hunger. I wasn’t even a tiny bit keen on tasting any of the items that were to be placed on my plate, forget eating them. Cursing myself silently, I marched towards the place where empty plates were placed. I thought I could at least pick and choose what eateries I wanted and eat them only. But that was easier said than done. The moment we sat, a few helps took us to a table where the plates were already laden with three-fourth of the menu for the evening. I couldn’t help but make a face as I sat down. All the hunger having already died down, I didn’t have a clue how I was going to finish even half of what was in front of me. It took me several moments to swallow a single morsel, every bite of what I ate made me want to puke. (mind you, I’m not complaining about the quality of food or it’s preparation – recheck the title ;)) The only saving grace at the table was the good company for some proper, distracting conversation that helped me keep nibbling, albeit a few morsels. I ended up wasting almost every single item on the plate, no inspiration withstanding, and got up stomach full – of guilt.

It’d be so much better if the helps wait for people to sit and then begin serving the food. It’s no good placing humongous quantities of everything before one sits down to eat.
People can just ask for what they want, how much they want and refuse what they don’t want. It’ll help reduce wastage of food so much.
Simple, no? Guests happy, hosts happier.

P.S. It’s not just with the eating only I have a problem. It’s pretty much with the meeting and greeting also. I realised yesterday, I’ve wheeled myself into a shell I’m not ready to come out of. Not yet. I figured I was happier with my books, in my room, living in a world that’s inanely as mad as I want it to be, in a world that’ll have me no matter how bad I am. In a world where I needn’t answer anyone or meet anyone’s expectations and no one would judge me for the choices I make. In a world where I can stay as oblivious as I wish to be.

Gosh! My post script looks as big as my post now, doesn’t it?😂

Dare To Dream!


One life, one chance,

There’s no time, snap out of your trance;

Be you, do what you want to,

Go ahead and make your dreams come true!



P.S. This is part of my Pen The Picture project 🙂 Hope you like reading what I write 🙂

Thank You, Friend!

I’d like to dedicate this to a few special people –

Maheedar – Thanks for today, and for the plenty more days to come!

Sabarritha – For that day I remember as well as I can, and for ages to come by!

Uthra – For being that rock of support, always!


Amidst mountains or rocks,

In a war field or at a boring party;

Every moment I’ll cherish with you,

Together, as friends we go!





P.S. This is part of my Pen The Picture project 🙂 Hope you like reading what I write 🙂

Stand Tall!


You are unique, a masterpiece

One of a kind, albeit with crease;

Nobody’s born big or small,

So let your work make you stand tall!



P.S. This is part of my Pen The Picture project 🙂 Hope you like reading what I write 🙂

Keep going!

There’s no preamble for this post, I’m afraid. These are just a few thoughts that keep turning my mind over.

It amazes me when I realize how hard we try all the time, to please people we want to impress – for them to know we are good enough for them, we let them set standards for us, we let them decide if we are really worth their time, we try our best to make them understand we really yearn for their respect and appreciation. And in the process we let them decide our happiness, our value.

But, what do we get in return? A huge amount of regret, resentment, for not having achieved what was expected of us, because come what may, the expectation list is bound to remain endless.

All our life we keep doing what the rest of the world wants us to do, we keep trying to prove ourselves to our friends, relatives, family, society, we keep working to increase their happiness and end up ignoring what our heart really wants. All for nothing, but a chartered robotic life we are expected to lead, for the supposedly promised “happiness”.

We have always been given a rule book to follow; one toe out of line and we’ll have panic attacks on how we might become a failure for life. Or there will be people ready around the corner, convincing and coaxing us on what is right and what is good, making us forget what we actually want, however right we might be – If it doesn’t match their standards, wham! It’ll be a bygone before we can blink. How convenient, no?!

Enough. It isn’t necessary to please anybody. At all.

Be the way you are. Let your heart guide you, rule you. Be what you want. Feel the inner happiness and spread it around. You are God’s masterpiece and he has a master plan for you. Believe in him and do what you think is good and right. You aren’t a disappointment. Never have been. And for people who think you are, dispel them, their negativity. You aren’t here to fulfill anybody’s expectations. You are here for you. You are here to live a life you want to live. And you will live it to the fullest measure possible. Nothing less. Let not the world stop you. You are your own boss, and only you get to decide what you want. You are not fragile. You are the strongest person you’ve ever seen. And you’re never going to give anyone any chance to demean or undermine you.

You are the best, and will always be.

If at all you think you need to please someone or keep someone happy, let the person be you – for you are the one who’s going to live your life, face your obstacles and win your wars. Think about what you truly want, go for what makes YOU happy. Because at the end of the day, it is going to be just you in the field fighting for your goals, no one else.