Identity – and what it is. 

I always wonder if the world we live in, would ever get right, the meaning of identity,

For, it believes each of us is a race horse, trained just the way it wills us to be – 
“Girls your age, are married, in our town,

When, are you, planning to settle down?”
“My sister’s son – he’s done with his master’s, now contemplating his PhD,

If Master’s isn’t what you want, why don’t you go for a Management degree?”
But, hey, being asked to become a stereotype isn’t exactly new, is it?

For, into the mould designed by the society, we’ve always been forced to fit,
We’re only expected to yield to expectations aplenty,

Whether we’re ten, twenty, fifty or seventy,

We’re always told to lead by example, or made to follow one,

We’re forever required to be on par with our friend, sibling, cousin, or the neighbour’s son,
Yet, stand up we must, for what we want, even if it means a journey, alone,

Shut out other perspectives until we discover our own,
Carve our own niche, create our own mould,

Because, to seek our calling, we can never be too old – 
Defy gravity, find our own ground,

What we presumed, lost, will only then be found.


Share Some Love – My Art For Sale!💃

Hasty to vanquish my “Monday Blues”, I was playing around on the internet looking for something fun to do. And I hit on Cupick and Zazzle to put my incompetent brains to work.

I tried my hand at using my poetry for creating postcard/posters or artwork basically, and have put them up on sale. They’ll make ideal gifts for all occasions, because, poetry is often the best language to express your emotions.

Do have a look and share some love.

My artwork can be accessed below



Thank you!💝✨

Carve Your Niche!

To each, his own –

Your pace, your space,

Your mind, your thoughts,

Your ideas, your tastes,

Your problems, your solutions,

Your success, your failures,


In every way, have an identity you can call your own,

Which, albeit small, ain’t false,

You’re unique in a million ways – Yet, one among the rest,

You needn’t try to fit in, you naturally do,

You’re a beautiful piece of the puzzle,

An undiscovered part of the bigger picture,

Caution though – don’t lose yourself in the crowd,

Remember to stand up for what you want, 

Strive to achieve what you intend to,

Push yourself, live your journey,

Make every moment yours, every opportunity ideal,

One life, One chance,

Carve your niche, be who you are, be who you want to!

Live now!

Pop out of the bubble you’re living in. Stop waiting for the right moment. Make every moment perfect, every moment yours.

“What’s the worst that can happen?’

“I don’t know, but what if…?”

“Why don’t you just let it be?”

“But, I just can’t seem to be able to stop thinking about it”

“Forget it. Breathe. Relax”

“Yeah, if only…”





“Oh! How I wish ….”

“Do it now. If not now, when, then?



Take it easy💞

 Long day at work?

 Every one has it. 

Self doubt aplenty?

 Sleep over it. Wake up to new hopes.

Too many errors you unconsciously commit? 

To err is human.

No more tricks in the magic bag?

Time to take a break and get inventing!

You aren’t alone. The rotten space you think you are in, right now, was part of someone else’s life too. Take things easy, brush the worries off your shoulder, and breathe. Everything is going to be fine. Like always.💝


Hasta La Vista!

Hop, skip, jump

Swallow that bitter lump,

You’re not a litter dump,

You aren’t a doormat, nor some stump,

You’re no one’s treadmill or their step ladder big,

You are YOU, albeit small,

You matter, you’ll be better among ’em all,

You’ve the spark, you’ve the fire,

You’ll find the light that’ll shine bright at the end of every dark tunnel,

So fret not, fear not,

Be a rebel, Defy gravity,

Take the plunge, soar high!

For the love of advertisements

You know what I love doing when I’m vexed and need a diversion? I watch videos on YouTube. Correction. Not just videos, but advertisement videos. 24*7. There are days when, before I was introduced to YouTube, I used to watch the telly just for the ads. I’d flip channels for the ads. I do that even now. Ads give me that swoosh of the creative break I long for. They give me the energy – the reason I search for, to do my everything. They evoke an amazing mix of emotions I’ve never known to exist in me. I’d always wanted to be a journalist, a creative writer, spin out the cheesiest of lines. I’d so wanted to get into advertising. So every advertisement I watch, I appreciate and debate over it, and think of a hundred ways I’ll do it if I were to do it. The creative exercise the ads make me do is beyond relaxing, beyond amazing.

I love, live to watch them, the advertisements. They make the programme interesting. 💞