Celebrate your journey πŸ’–

Never compare your journey with anyone else’s in the world, no matter how similar the circumstances might look – Only you know what you go through to reach where you want to.
The demons that you have to fight are always exclusively yours. So are the accolades that you get to flaunt. And it wouldn’t do justice to undermine either of them.
Because what looks worthless to you, might actually be a very big deal to so many out there! 


In Your Heart, Forever Remain A Child πŸ’βœ¨

For someone who doesn’t have too many happy memories of life, it doesn’t come as a surprise when I come across as a pessimist. I’m not negative as a person, but I tend to expect in negative – which is to say, my expectations from anything, and everything will always be below zero. I believe this way I’ll experience double the happiness when something good happens, wouldn’t flip out if nothing happens, and not experience a heart failure if something bad happens.

Having said that, I’d like to transcribe those few features I loved in myself as a kid, but have lost them while growing up. I don’t know if I’d ever go back to being the wild kid I was (wild, in my own terms), but to be back there and be the free spirit that was, would be a wish too wistful.

I was this extremely confident, smart, unflinching girl, who wouldn’t give a damn about what people thought of her. I’d just go about, do my thing, show the world what I’m capable of and dance away to popularity. Though I was atrocious at whatever I did, I just wouldn’t care to stop. I was a free spirited girl who wouldn’t be caged. I never cared about what people thought about me. Nobody’s opinion seemed to matter to me, but my heart’s.  But as I grew, I began to think, I began to observe and I began to understand. Everything and everyone’s opinion seemed to matter to me. I began to change myself to someone who people wanted to see. I began to cage my spirit. I began to worry. I began to be bothered about people’s thoughts, responses and reactions.

All I’d want to preserve for eternity, is the free spirit and innocence and genuinity of childhood, and etch and imbibe it in our hearts forever, so it’s not lost into nothingness as we grow.

Love πŸ’

Finding My Place…

This one is easy. 

Finding my place

So, one place that has been prominent in bringing out the best in me, in helping me grow, in shaping me up, is the library. Or any place with books actually. They give me a sense of belonging like no other. Books are my best friends and my go-to, every time I’m stuck, happy or sad. They tell me what I exactly want to hear. They answer all my questions, know what I want to know. They have this subtle way of transporting me to a place that keeps me in solace. They help me up every time I fall and listen to me whenever I mop. They don’t complain. They don’t demand. They have no expectations either. They just accept me for who I am and love me back too. They stick with me no matter what, no matter when. To me, no place is more beautiful and peaceful than a place with books – which is why I have them stocked wherever I live.


What makes me relax?

The feeling of getting back home is incomparable, irreplaceable. I chose this picture because I found it identical to us getting back home after a long, tiring day and finding our way to bliss, unlocking the door of our house. It somehow makes the journey worth. Home’s comfort space. Our place to be in, sleep in, party in – without having to worry. It’s our safe haven. 

Dear Zindagi πŸ’

​So Dear Zindagi has been watched and these are my thoughts.

Thank you so very much, Gauri Shinde, for such an incredible journey through this fantastic masterpiece of yours. Only you could have made Dear Zindagi. Each and every frame of the movie is so amazing, so relatable and so warm. I could relate to Alia Bhatt’s role – it’s her best until date. She’s essayed it to perfection with simplicity, ease and a disarming charm. 

And Shah Rukh Khan – I love you. You’re my favourite. Thank you for playing Jug. You rule our hearts. I fell for you all over again, like the million others on the planet. There’s no one who has your charisma. You’re too awesome to be true.Yet you are.πŸ’–

I’m no film critic. I’m just happy that I chose to watch this movie. Thank you for Dear Zindagi, it’s an experience unforgettable. 

Share Some Love – My Art For Sale!πŸ’ƒ

Hasty to vanquish my “Monday Blues”, I was playing around on the internet looking for something fun to do. And I hit on Cupick and Zazzle to put my incompetent brains to work.

I tried my hand at using my poetry for creating postcard/posters or artwork basically, and have put them up on sale. They’ll make ideal gifts for all occasions, because, poetry is often the best language to express your emotions.

Do have a look and share some love.

My artwork can be accessed below



Thank you!πŸ’βœ¨

Live Your Dream!

Your dreams define where you want to reach, and what you want from life. So, dream on!

Emotions That Matter.

Days when you lose track,

Nights when you cry yourself to sleep as you hit thesack,

Moments whenyou fear,

And hide from the world, that single tear,

Every time that you are drowned inself doubt,

And your life looks like a huge clout,

Breathe. Take a step back. Relax,

You don’t break, You ain’t made ofglass,

You don’t know what you have in store,

So hang in there a bit more,

Pursue your passion, push yourself to where you want to be,

Live your dreams, life will show you what you want to see!

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