You decide!

Don’t wait for fate to,

Choose the decisions YOU ought to make,

YOU decide your journey!


Be your best!

Each day’s a fresh start,

Play best, your every part,

Spring ahead, steadfast!


Tough blows and miseries,

Will be gone like a breeze,

So, celebrate life, please!

Time’s ticking away…

Twist, Twirl, Twine,

Sing, shout, laugh or whine,

Party’s until nine.

Make your day!

You are your king,

Your happiness, only you’d bring,

So, make each day happening!

Be the best…

Put thy brains to test,

Make a difference before you rest,

Strive to be the best!

Secrets and lies…

The secrets you now churn,

My heart, they tear, blast and burn,

And my world, they upturn!