Sunday Musings

I don’t understand why people, specifically women, put themselves through pain to look a certain way.

I mean, it’s okay to not perm your eyebrows or wax your body. It’s okay to have chapped lips.
It’s okay to be flawed, because that’s exactly how we are wired to be.
Why put yourself in agony, if you’re actually comfortable in your own skin?

We aren’t meant to be chiselled to perfection. We ain’t god-damned sculptures. We are human beings. Imperfect and unique and beautiful. Alive and kicking and full of life.

And, if someone doesn’t like your face the way it is, it is their effing problem. Not yours. Just saying.



Author: Annapurani Vaidyanathan

I hoard books for a living. And read them too, when I am not sleeping. I express what I think, so my unheard feelings don't sink. I like to sing when I walk, to keep shades grey, at bay. I speak like a dork, but I don't want to drive anyone away. I write what's real, and nothing fake, so visit my blog whenever you need a break ;)

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