Satiating Saturdays – Prioritize ✨

More often than not, we find we have a lot more in our bucket than we can actually handle
More often than not, we tend to forget what we had intended to do and find ourselves sulking in some dark corner of the house.
More often than not, we end up saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone we meet.

Without planning, without knowing if we’d be able to make it.

And find ourselves in a mess, disoriented, disintegrated – an indication that it is high time we begin to prioritize.

So here’s what I suggest.

  1. Make a list, physically on a piece of paper ( it really works, trust me on this), day-to-day/ weekly/bi-weekly/monthly – based on how occupied your calendar is/how busy you are. 
  2. Enlist everything in your bucket on the list. Everything. From the tiniest of your commitments to the most important ones.  
  3. Once done, begin sorting your line up. Figure out what’s important for you, not your neighbour, your peer, the rest of the world. Figure out what would make your life better, figure out what would add bring a ray of sunshine into your life. And begin completing them in that order of hierarchy.
  4. Carry the list with you. Wherever you go.
  5. Try accommodating tasks that can be done together. (Like solving that crossword on your way to work :p). Don’t force it though if they can’t be done together, you’ll end up messing all of them.
  6. Cross them all once done. For clarity. Or to just clear that heavily crowded space in your head, and to give you the satisfaction of accomplishing what you intended to.

Try giving it a shot. I bet you my binoculars, the satisfaction you’d derive seeing the crossed tasks on the list is incomparable, immeasurable. What’s more, you’d begin to feel more sorted, organised, less guilty and more productive. And that’s how we’d like to be, don’t we?


Author: Annapurani Vaidyanathan

I hoard books for a living. And read them too, when I am not sleeping. I express what I think, so my unheard feelings don't sink. I like to sing when I walk, to keep shades grey, at bay. I speak like a dork, but I don't want to drive anyone away. I write what's real, and nothing fake, so visit my blog whenever you need a break ;)

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