Day 24 – 30 Day Writing Challenge πŸ’ƒ

A lesson that I’ve learnt the hard way.

To never do something that doesn’t make me happy. I’m still recuperating from the side effects of doing that. And I’ve received some really hard blows because of doing stuff I disliked and was against my principles, but I did it because I didn’t want to be left out. The day before yesterday, I ended up doing something similar and am regretting my decision badly. For someone who is as serious and rigid as me, this is bad. I hope I set things right before I incur much damage to myself. And I hope I never bite the bait again. I vow to only stand by what sounds right to me and works for me, no matter what the consequences. 

P.S. This is Day 24 of my 30 day writing challenge



Author: Annapurani Vaidyanathan

I hoard books for a living. And read them too, when I am not sleeping. I express what I think, so my unheard feelings don't sink. I like to sing when I walk, to keep shades grey, at bay. I speak like a dork, but I don't want to drive anyone away. I write what's real, and nothing fake, so visit my blog whenever you need a break ;)

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