Day 6 – 30 Day Writing Challenge💃

Five ways to win my heart

  1. Make me laugh. I’m a very serious person, I don’t laugh easily.
  2. Read to me Walt Whitman’s poems (That’s the easiest).
  3. Crack the toughest of mathematics puzzles/brain teasers with me. 
  4. I am easily enamoured by real wit, cheek and brains and presence of mind.
  5. Buy me books or an entire library, depending on how badly you want to win my heart. (That’s the most ideal and fail proof way)

P.S. This is Day 6 of my 30 day writing challenge


Author: Annapurani Vaidyanathan

I hoard books for a living. And read them too, when I am not sleeping. I express what I think, so my unheard feelings don't sink. I like to sing when I walk, to keep shades grey, at bay. I speak like a dork, but I don't want to drive anyone away. I write what's real, and nothing fake, so visit my blog whenever you need a break ;)

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