12 Questions – The Book Nerd Q & A

Early this morning (or pretty late last night), when I couldn’t really make myself fall asleep once I had finished the book I was reading, I was looking around on the internet for suggestions on books and I found this Book Nerd Q & A. And I thought it was quite fun. And I wanted to do it as well, because, hey, why not?

So here I go.

  1. Favorite genre – Fantasy, Chick Lit, Thrillers.
  2. Favorite Summer Read – I usually read Enid Blyton when the weather is unbearably hot, her writing makes everything seem so much better. Or Ruskin Bond. Childhood habits, you see.
  3. Favorite weather to sit your books in- I like summers. Hate anything wet or cold, so rains and winters are not my thing.
  4. Most relatable character : Got to be a mix of Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger.
  5. Favorite book food : Nothing. No coffee/tea/hot chocolate anything. I’d like to finish eating or drinking if I’m hungry or thirsty and then get back to my books.
  6. Favorite bookish quote : “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure”.
  7. Bad Boy Vs Funny Boy : Of course Funny Boy. I could always do with a few laughs, there is already enough drama going about.
  8. Must Read : All of Agatha Christie’s, P.G. Wodehouse’s works. Oh, if you haven’t already, then J.K. Rowling’s, Ruskin Bond’s, Enid Blyton’s and Roald Dahl’s.
  9. What I’m reading right now : The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins.
  10. Paperbacks or Ebooks : There’s no way I’d read an Ebook any day. I like to feel my characters through my books and I love the scent of paper way too much.
  11. One author you wish you’d get to meet : Agatha Christie if she were alive, J.K. Rowling.
  12. One bookish character you look up to : 1. Karna, not necessarily a bookish character, he’s from the Mahabharata. I adore him. 2. Harry Potter. There’s no way I can get over him. He’s my idol. I am thoroughly obsessed about him. 3. The Weasley Twins. For their quick wit, presence of mind and AMAZING sense of humor (Basically 3 things I don’t seem to have).

Phew! That’s about it. If you thought that was interesting, go ahead, do one yourself and tag me to it, so I can read it too. Have fun!


Author: Annapurani Vaidyanathan

I hoard books for a living. And read them too, when I am not sleeping. I express what I think, so my unheard feelings don't sink. I like to sing when I walk, to keep shades grey, at bay. I speak like a dork, but I don't want to drive anyone away. I write what's real, and nothing fake, so visit my blog whenever you need a break ;)

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